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Anne Baxter models our buy-of-the-month dress of pink cotton and orlon, with deep-cut scoop neckline softened by tiny tear drops of pearls. Flare skirt accented with white rickrack. Needs no ironing, dries in an hour! Also aqua, blue, lilac. 7-15. $8.95. By Kaytron. Saks 34th St. Jewel-dotted linen handbag by Magid. Pumps by Confetti, at Franklin Simon.

Judy Lynn happily suns herself in a fun-loving white twill halter and shorts set. Cuffed shorts have handy, navy slash pockets, halter has bra construction. 32-38. $3. By Lovable. Silk scarf by Baar & Beards

The perfect partnership for play. Polly Bergen likes little-boy chartreuse cotton suit that takes cover when out of water under a matching jacket. 32-38. $9. Brilliant. Large red hoop earrings by La Tausca. $2

Jan Sterling is the biggest catch on the beach in gay gingham romper suit, form-fitting, zippered up the back. Green and purple plaid. 10-16. $12. Rose Marie Reid. Hat by Madcaps. U.S. Rubber shoes

For wilting summer days, Joan Weldon chooses a crisp cool suit. Cardigan jacket, to belt or not, with push-up sleeves, slim skirt and perky polka-dotted sleeveless blouse. Wrinkle-resistant. Comes in white, red, natural, navy. 10-18. $30. By Printz Biederman. Shortie gloves by Wear Right.

Polly Bergen wears this pretty butterfly-dotted cotton dress with deep round neckline, shirred skirt. All-wool white sweater is trimmed with dress-matching collar and cuffs, In aqua, pink, yellow on white. 8-16. $20. By Serbin. Jewelry by La Tausca. $2 each. Wear Right gloves

Jan Sterling smiles right back at the sun in a perfectly molded jet-black linen sheath. Tiny sleeves cap a wide-away velvet-trimmed neckline. Also in navy. 8-18. $35. By Richard Cole. For drama: jeweled linen pumps by Confetti at Franklin Simon



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