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Girl Of Esther Williams’s Dreams

Susan Tenney Gage is more than a beautiful baby daughter to Esther Williams. She is—literally—a dream come true.

Although Esther didn’t like to commit herself in advance, she admits now that, all along, she was yearning for a girl. “Our two little boys needed a baby sister,” she says.

But in the waiting months, Esther, like any expectant mother, could only hope. She could not, of course, be sure. And so she thought of names for both girls and boys. But, just three days before the baby was born, Esther had a dream.

“In my dream,” she says, “I was holding a lovely little girl in my arms. Her big, blue eyes looked deep into mine, and she said very clearly, ‘Hello, Mommy. I’m glad I got here safely. And I just love my name.’ In my dream, I was so surprised and delighted, and I said, ‘You do? What is it?’ And she answered, ‘Why it’s Susan Tenney, of course.’ ”

Susan is also the answer to an oft-repeated prayer. For, seven years ago, Esther Williams had another baby daughter—a child who did not live. Susan lives now, not only for herself, her parents and her brothers—but for that other sister, as well. Certainly, Susan is her mother’s fondest dream come true.



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