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Hollywood Party Line

Cupid took almost complete command of the parties, showers, shindigs and preems this month.

There were bridal showers for Jane Powell, Pier Angeli, Eleanor Parker and Mitzi Gaynor. One of the fanciest girl-and-gift soirees was given jointly by designer Helen Rose, Ann Strauss and Esme Chandlee for Jane and Pier. It took them two hours to open their gorgeously wrapped packages. Aside from the lovely lingerie and other glamour bits, Pier got a black velvet, sequin-studded hatbox and Janie got a solid silver tissue box. Sighing on the sidelines were Ann Miller, Debbie Reynolds, Ann Blyth, Cyd Charisse, Abbe Lane, Marilyn Erskine and Leslie Caron. There was mucho gossip about Marlon Brando’s engagement to Josanne Berenger—and Esther Williams flipped, “You might know a fisherman’s daughter would land a Marlon!”

Jane Powell wore a lovely misty-blue chiffon with a chiffon cowl at the neck and a very full skirt to her altar-march at Ojai with Pat Nerney. Pat wore a misty blue necktie to match his bride’s costume. He gave Jane a swanky new car for a wedding gift—plus a sterling silver set for her overnight bag. Next night, before the Nerneys hopped to Europe, they dined at La Rue, were promptly spotted by Clark Gable (with Kay Spreckels) and first thing you know most of the people in the place rose and toasted the happy pair.

Marla Powers tossed a bridal shower for Mitzi Gaynor, who, too, got married in blue; Terry Moore, with her new 20-inch waistline, wishing out loud she had a “serious” beau of her own, feted Vera-Ellen. Vera became Mrs. Rothschild in a charming candlelit ceremony at St. Paul’s Church in the valley—and the bride was a half-hour late! Vera said her vows in a satin gown of pearly tones, featuring a bodice of champagne-colored jersey. After the ceremony, at which the bride cried, a reception was held for fifty friends.

Pier Angeli and Vic Damone said their “I do’s” in a lavishly planned and executed all-white affair. The ceremony took place at St. Timothy’s Church and Pier’s gown was whipped up by Helen Rose; the maid of honor, who was Marisa Pavan, Pier’s twin, and the bridesmaid gowns were made in Italy. After the marriage, a lovely champagne reception was held at the Bel-Air Hotel in Hollywood for hundreds of Hollywood’s citizens.

The Eddie Cantors threw a huge affair for Debbie and Eddie at the Beverly Hills hotel—with hundreds on hand. Debbie was in her favorite shade—a powder-blue dress. That just happens to be Eddie’s favorite color, too.

Now to the preem of “The Barefoot Contessa” at which Ava Gardner garnered envious stares in her sirenish outfit of pale pink—halter-necked, low, low cut—and solidly sequined from neck to its slinkily sheathed hemline.

Another glittery opening was the “White Christmas” bow. At this one Marla English wowed the lens lads by being done up something like a Xmas tree herself. Her long, full-skirted gown was of white lace and silver threads, and it was trimmed with little round silver tree ornaments with tinkling bells, too—so were her long earrings.




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