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Hollywood Date Night

It’s Saturday night—anywhere, with a date set for fun at one of the regular hangouts. Whether you live in a country town, a village or a big city, you head for the neighborhood movie and a super soda afterwards. Or the bowling alley or skating at the local rink. Or maybe you try out some new steps at the place with the hottest band.

Or, if a fellow’s in the chips, it could be a big date at one of the glamour spots.

In Hollywood, the hangouts may have fancier names and the settings may be a little more slick—but they offer the same kind of fun. And romance, of course, is the same everywhere.

Fox Hills Stables, where cowboy actors board their horses, features old-fashioned hay rides, moonlight canters. Lee McGregor, Joan Dixon preferred latter—more romantic

There’s nothing like an ice cream binge at Wil Wright’s, where young players like Barbara Lawrence, Johnny Sands forget calorie counts. As Angel-face says—it’s heavenly!

Vanessa Brown drew Bob Patlen as a partner in game at Art Linkletter’s. Art, who put glamour into a bowling alley, is getting rich fast

Sentimental folk protested when The Cocoanut Grove tried to remodel—too many romances started there, as well as many big names. Andre Previn took best girl Phyllis Kirk there before he went into the Army

Popular filling station for hungry starlets is Eclair’s, where music is served on the side with the pancakes and coffee. Concentrating on both are Betty Lynn, Roddy McDowall, Polly and Jerome Courtland

He was in the money, so Richard Long took Terry Moore dancing at Ciro’s, plush night club, where lady patrons are gifted with trinkets

For fun and good food, Darryl Hickman, Allene Roberts, Scotty Beckett, Beverly Wills, Barbara Whiting, Bill Shirley congregate at The Village Green, which features New England dining room and quaint general store

Stars shown:

Phyllis Kirk is in “Three Guys Named Mike”; Robert Patten in “American Guerrilla in the Philippines”; Lee MacGregor in “Best of the Bad Men”; Joan Dixon in “Road Block”; Terry Moore in “Two of a Kind”; Richard Long in “Air Cadet”; Allene Roberts in “Union Station”; Scotty Beckett in “Gasoline Alley”; Johnny Sands in “Prisoner of War”; Vanessa Brown in “Three Husbands”; Betty Lynn in “Take Care of My Little Girl”; Jerome Courtland in “Santa Fe”; Polly Bergen Courtland in “War Path”; Roddy McDowall in “Big Timber”; Darryl Hickman in “Lightning Strikes Twice”; Barbara Whiting in “I Can Get It for You Wholesale”; Barbara Lawrence was seen last in “Peggy.”


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