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The Christmas Stocking Story

It was the night before Christmas when Santa appeared—for a preview of what the ladies would wear. What he saw sent him chuckling back to the North Pole—“We want stockings in our stockings!” they declared. Lacy stockings, colored stockings, stockings twinkling with rhinestones bright. For it’s glamour gams that star in this stocking story—and walk away with the holiday spotlight!

Santa never filled any stockings like these! Leigh Snowden chose them to match the glitter on her gown—flashes a pretty ankle to reveal the gay clocks of sparkling rhinestones

Guys will flip when Pat Crowley flips her skirts dancing! But you can’t blame her for wanting to show these sassy stockings. Knee-high, they’re topped with eyelet lace and ribbons

Here’s a pretty conceit—hand-painted roses on long, sheer black stockings. Gives a gal that long-stemmed beauty look. No wonder Lucy Marlow sends Santa—the way she fills them!

A symphony in pink, right down to her pretty toes, Taina Elg matches her dancing legs to her gown with sheer stockings in a hot pink called American Beauty

Natalie Wood likes sophisticated stockings with jeweled, hand-painted lace me dallions on the instep

But Elaine Stewart is a girl who goes for the saucy back view—black velvet bow knots at her heels!

What a pretty way to end a stocking story! Martha Hyer’s would make any lass feel luxurious, for these elegant stocking tops are real black Chantilly lace



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