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Vintage Paparazzi’s First-Run Fashions

Carole Landis—enchanting star

of RKO’s “Having Wonderful Crime”—chooses for its Edwardian elegance this afternoon-to-after-midnight cut-away suit. A black sheath of a dress, done in rayon crepe . . . topped with a short, jet-collared jacket in champagne rayon bengaline. A Rose Barrack design at B. Altman, New York; Bullock’s Wilshire, Los Angeles

Magnetic as a heady perfume . . .

for important after-dark hours, Miss Landis wears this worldly, guileful print, created by Rose Barrack. Startling in its black-on-white effect, its slim, sleek lines are deceptively simple. At Bergdorf Goodman, New York; Neiman. Marcus, Dallas

A crisp bow . . . tucks by the row, sounds simple doesn’t it? But look at the suit and skirt magic it works . . . lending an oh-so-ever feminine Beau Brummel touch to everything it teams with. Inimitably tailored by Betty Barnes with underscoring on extra fine workmanship. White, blue, pink, maize, and lime. Sizes 32-38. About $5. Betty Barnes Blouses, 1375 Broadway, New York City.



IF CHIVALRY’S YOUR GOAL, be a lady fair in this Turrets and Tournaments print, created by Merley. (The whole design was lifted straight from an old English wood cut and should bowl your beau over). In rayon jersey. Chamois, aqua, pink, limelight or white with black. 9-15. About $15 at Joseph Magnin, San Francisco; F. & R. Lazarus, Columbus, Ohio.

Let yourself go gorgeously feminine. Now is the time to deck yourself in old-world prints, to flaunt a graceful fan. Romance is back and woman’s place is to look her prettiest possible, please. Photoplay presents a group of heart-winning, head-turning fashions . . . priced thoughtfully for your budget . . . but guaranteed to make you look adorable. (And better yet everything shown will be as smart and sweet in June as it is now in January )



Sweet enough to eat, this confection by Sandra Sage. It’s a two-piecer with a black rayon alpaca skirt, and for contrast, an irrepressibly crisp spun-sugar-y jacket of eyelet embroidered cotton in white, pink or blue. 9-15. About $15 at James McCreery, New York

Be protectable, irresistible in this heart’s-ease print. Doris Dodson put lure a-plenty in the peek-a-boo neck, capped the climax with tiny cap sleeves. In pastel pink, blue, gray or gold printed rayon alpaca. 9-15. About $13 at Emery, Bird, Thayer, Kansas City

Maybe you take to feminine tailoring. Your dish, this J.L.F. Original two-tone triumph with its slightly dirndled skirt. In rayon crepe. Powder blue, chartreuse or pink with navy or black. Brown with aqua. 9-15. About $23 at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York


is the new fashion look. And nothing’s more downright disarming than this Evelyn Alden print with its riot of roses and great big beautiful velvet bow. In Joyce’s rayon jersey. 9-15. About $15 at William Hengerer, Buffalo; Powers Dry Goods, Minneapolis


and dress the part in this script-line print by McKettrick. Picture-pretty with its peplum look, it’s practical because it’s suds-able. In Crown Shan rayon, a Soap ’n’ Water fabric in ice-cream pastels. 12-20. $9.00 at Bloomingdale’s, New York; Filene’s, Boston



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