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    Arizona Adventure

    IF YOU ask the cast of “Branded” they’ll tell you all the world really is a stage. For scenes in this Alan Ladd Western they had to be lowered into Salt River Canyon, a junior-size Grand Canyon, with sheer 1,000- foot cliffs. They were nearly blinded by a dust storm, blistered by the sun, almost frozen in the mountains. But even the hazards of rounding up 500 wild steers couldn’t scare them out of the time of their lives.

    You’ll see Alan Ladd as a hard-riding, gun-totin’ Texan

    Mona Freeman discarded her bobby-sox for riding chaps

    Two Ladds on location: Property men designed Mexican ring with hidden clasp to cover Alan’s wedding ring

    Burning sun plagued cast, gave Alan slight sunstroke. Ex-Marine fighter pilot Peter Hansen, Paramount “find,” right of Mona, had his eyes swollen almost shut

    Alan, Mona and director Rudy Mate enjoy well-earned rest. Troupe spent twelve rugged hours out in the open, daily

    Getting mike in right position is lough outdoors. Rudy, dialogue director Jim Vincent check Alan’s, Mona’s voices

    Daily “rushes” were shown every night at hotel. In front of Sue is Charles Bickford, who plays role of ’90’s cattle rancher. Far right is producer Mel Epstein

    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JANUARY 1951

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