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Maserati Spyder, 2001


Spyder This car is sometimes referred to as the 4200GT type, to differentiate it from the earlier 3200GT model that was offered as a coupé only. The 4200GT Coupe was a four-seater but there were only two seats in the Spyder; both cars sported handsome styling by Italdesign. The engine, indeed the whole drivetrain, was Ferrari-based, and there was a choice between six-speed regular manual transmission or a clutch-less manual with F1-style steering-wheel paddles.

Engine4,244 cc, V8
Top speed176 mph (283 km/h)

Based on a shortened coupe floorplan, the Spyder was the Maserati that heralded the marque’s return to the US market.

Maserati MC12, 2004


MC12 Built to allow a racing version of the car to compete, the basis for the MC12 was the Ferrari Enzo, with which it shared the mid-mounted V12 engine, and semi-automatic, six-speed gearbox sending power to the rear wheels. It was a big car, and hardly practical, because it lacked a rear window, spare tyre, boot space, and hi-fi, but the visceral thrills were huge. This was a true racing car for the road, even though many who tested it found it remarkably easy and safe to drive fast.

Engine5,998 cc, V12
Top speed205 mph (330 km/h)

As well as the 12 racing versions that re-established Maserati as a racetrack force, the company also built 50 road car versions.


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