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Men at Work: Somewhere in Hollywood there’s a wife waiting for Jeff Chandler! At least he received a letter from a fortuneteller whose crystal ball revealed he’d marry a famous glamour girl before the year is out! The lady’s name? “There was a fifty-dollar charge for that!” grins Jeff . . . You think you have troubles? Western Costume Company had to make seventeen “Lord Vanity” costumes for Robert Wagner—that must fit him afterhe gains back the fifteen pounds lost during his recent illness. Weak as he was, cooperative Bob went right from his hospital bed and stood for five hours in the fitting room . . . Jeff Hunter went over so well in “John Brown’s Raiders,” Allied Artists want to borrow him for two more pictures. And Jeff, who prefers to remain an unattached bacheler, can’t escape those publicity romances. Now he and pretty newcomer Virginia Leith are supposed to be dunking two doughnuts in one cup of coffee. They did work together, but they’ve never had a date . . . And gay blade Jack Kelly prefers dates with no-name dolls. Working in Washington in Audie Murphy’s “To Hell and Back,” Jack’s big splash with the Yakima social set was interrupted when he was wounded in “combat.” Real TNT was used in the movie scenes! . . . He’s still John Pepiro to the home folks, but if he marries actress Joanne Cangi, you may call them Mr. and Mrs. Race Gentry. The handsome ltalian couple prefer to make good in the movies before they make with the bambinos!

Top Trouper: Victims of insomnia please note! Rock Hudson also has trouble sleeping, especially when something ‘important preys on his mind. “But I finally found a remedy that really helps,” says Rock. “When I can’t sleep I think of some happy experience in my life. I start with the tiniest detail and recall it step by step. Suddenly I’m so relaxed I can’t keep my eyes open.” And in the wide-awake department, it’s so typical of Hollywood that Rock and Bill Holden had never met. As everyone knows, Rock won that coveted starring role in “Giant” when Bill wasn’t available. Well, one day Rock went into the U-I steam room and there was Bill who had come over to sweat it out. For a moment there was an embarrassed silence. Then Bill introduced himself and this is how they got to know each other!

Last Laugh: Tucked away in forgotten files at Warner Bros. there’s a talent scout’s report on a then unknown little lady named June Allyson. “Too difficult to cast,” it reads. So today Warners is paying Miss Difficult-to-Cast $200,000 for playing opposite Alan Ladd in “The McConnell Story!” . . . And once upon a time M-G-M turned thumbs down on Mitzi Gaynor because she was too “scrawny,” “immature” and “inexperienced.” Today they’re thrilled to have her on their payroll and, whether newly married Vera-Ellen retires or not, Miss Mitzi gets zee grand and glorious build-up.

Hail and Farewell: Glamour puss Elaine Stewart, who is generally interested in doctors and particularly interested in Dr. Herman Platt, admits she’s finally serious. If and when it happens—“We’ll announce our engagement one day and marry the next” . . . Handsome Jeff Richards waited until his wife returned from Florida, where her sister had a baby. They talked things over again. Result, Jeff packed his bags and moved out because, “We were not compatible!”

Medium Rare: The Gower Champions, now out on a dance tour, spent their last night in town with good friends Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. “Send us a steak when you get to Kansas City,” kidded Mr. C. Gower and Marge didn’t forget—only they sent a whole side of beef! Speaking of the inimitable Tony, guess who thinks he has the most versatile talent in Hollywood? None other than Jose Ferrer—praise from Caesar indeed!

Gable-Gram: It’s so much hooey, that printed report that his doctors tabooed cocktails for Clark Gable. The King’s health is churning and so is his interest in Kay Williams Spreckels and not Marilyn Monroe as 20th subtly hints! When Clark went duck hunting recently, it was Kay whom he asked to hostess a party for him. She made arrangements with Chasen’s where they cooked and served the wild birds in their private dining room. Clark loves gags so Kay dressed up an hysterical-looking dummy and placed it at the head of the table. The lady guests were instructed to wear sweaters and tweeds and—“no pearls or mink allowed.”

Bright Star: The new year started out with a big bang for Tab Hunter. Three studios tried to borrow him from Warner Bros. and were turned down cold. Then John Wayne ran a print of “Battle Cry” and became so enthusiastic about Tab’s performance, he went in and tried to buy up his contract for future Wayne-Fellows productions. When he heard the asking price, “Duke” just grinned and shook his head. “Sorry,” he said, “for that amount I could get the state of Texas!”

Blessed Bundles: It’s true! Arlene Dahl and Fernando Lamas were buying tiny garments for an expected baby—the baby Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Wilding are expecting! “Someday soon,” sighs the beautiful one, “we’ll be doing our own shopping—I hope!” . . . But the Howard Keels have already placed their order with the stork. They expect their third baby next June. “Boy or girl, it’s name will start with a ‘K,’ ” says the singing star, “that’s our system and it always brings us good luck!” . . . The Guy Madisons are also wearing that happy look!

The Truth Is: Doris Day actually got lost the first day she worked on the huge M-G-M lot in “Love Me or Leave Me.” A messenger came to her rescue and guided Do-Do back to the sound stage! . . . And this same studio couldn’t give Eleanor Parker a day off to buy a wedding dress. When she married artist Paul Clemens the beautiful redhead wore a gray lace gown that was a strapless formal last year. Eleanor sent it back to designer Don Loper, who set in long sleeves and a top!

News About Twos: Reporters and eager-beaver jewelry salesmen are turning Marlon Brando’s life into one long game of hide and seek. And if his engagement to his French fiancée is just a publicity stunt, he sure does give another Academy Award performance denying it! . . . Naturally Debbie Reynolds doesn’t date when Eddie Fisher’s out of town. And Barbara Rush doesn’t want to date until her divorce is settled. So they go to the movies together.





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