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Head for the sea and the sun in one of these one-piece bathing suits. With control where you need it and flattering all around, they’re the answer to a girl’s beach problems.

Above left, M-G-M star Vera-Ellen, of “Happy Go Lovely,” proves there’s a lot in a name when it’s a suit called “Dream Fit.” Made of laton taffeta, it’s the shirring that does the figure trick. About $15.95 by Catalina, 32-42 at Saks-34th St., New York, N. Y., and Gimbels, Milwaukee, Wis. Above right, Vera-Ellen makes shore news in nylon laton taffeta with concealed flexible boning in bra, scalloped collarette. Wear it strapless or with self-adjustable straps. About $12.95 by Gantner, in sizes 32-38, at Boston Store, Providence, R. I., and Burnett’s, New York, N. Y.

Star at the beach in the lastex faille suit worn by Jeanne Crain, above, of Twentieth Century-Fox’s “Take Care of My Little Girl.” Fashion notes are interesting sawtooth detail on bra, artfully concealed hip pockets. A Sea Nymph suit by Jordan, with detachable straps, 32-38. About $8.95 at Hochschild, Kohn, Baltimore, Md., Filene’s, Boston, Mass.

Photoplay’s Pattern Of The Month


So young, so gay—a two-piece playsuit. Midriff blouse, open to the sun at the neck, is trimmed with same check as little-boy shorts. For street wear we added button-down-back skirt with high midriff belt. Make blouse in Bates’ Picolay; the shorts, in one of Bates’ fine woven cotton plaids—we liked their Macrae plaid

For swimming, a one-piece romper bathing suit in a new fabric—woven rayon and cotton plaid—with shoestring tie. For playtime, matching pleated skirt that ties in back. Around $8.95 by Brilliant, 32-38, navy and green with white at Gimbels, Milwaukee, Wis.

Romp on the beach or swim in the sea in this one-piece suit. Made of Ameritex’s waffle pique, it has separate button-in bra. Straps can be worn a variety of ways. Around $12.95, 10-16, by Rose Marie Reid in white with green, red or navy print at Lit Brothers, Philadelphia, Pa., and Rice’s Fashion Corner, Norfolk, Va.

A lady in lace print cotton—Mona Freeman. Suit has elasticized back, midriff. 32-38, in royal, green or white with black print, Around $8.00 by Shepherd at Oppenheim Collins, New York, N. Y. and Kresge, Newark, N. J.

Portrait in water lace print—Joanne Dru. Cotton suit has halter tie bra, brief shorts with zipper back, bow-tie front. Around $12.95 by Caltex, 10-18. White, nude or blue with black print at J. P. Allen Co., Atlanta, Ga. Frost Bros., San Antonio, Tex.



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