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How To Get To First Base

No wonder Annette Funicello’s up in the air. She’s scored a big hit in this scaled-down wardrobe of Simplicity patterns. All of these outfits are color-coordinated in black, white and sizzle green to mix and match for a variety of looks. What makes them especially exciting? Simply the fact that they’re designed for big girls with perfectly proportioned, but petite, figures . . . in a word, dolls! (Note: They’re the kind that big, strong men always love! And Don Edwards, Joey Walsh, Harvey Lambeck, Marc Cavell, Michael Dante and Bobbie Payne agree. They’re all members of various Hollywood amateur baseball teams who really know their way around the Los Angeles’ Dodgers Stadium.) What’s even more timely about these clothes, you can sew them yourself right now in time for spring. Want to get to first base?

1- Get the feeling that you’ve seen this dress some where before? You’re right! Annette wears the same sizzle green sheath and white blouse with her baseball pals on the preceding pages. Her blouse is a soft jersey top with a turtleneck (Simplicity pattern 5377, Junior Petites’ sizes 5 to 13, 65c). Green rayon by Crown Fabrics. Carletex antron doubleknit. Coro gold Chain caught by an Elegant key.

2- Even sizzle green can’t keep a girl warm when March winds blow, so cover up with a black and white checked coat. (Simplicity pattern 5367, Junior Petites’ sizes 5 to 13, 65c.) Carletex wool check.

3- Annette, who scores in AlP’s “Muscle Beach Party,” scores again in this princess dress that slow curves from bosom to hem; sleeves stop short, a bow catches the neckline. (Simplicity pattern 5310, Junior Petites’ sizes 5 to 13, 650.) Silk shantung, Stehli.

4- When is the checked coat not a coat? When she wears it as a dress. For a change, try a narrow belt.

5- Making a fresh pitch towards spring—Annette chooses this pretty outfit, also from Simplicity pattern 5367. The long- sleeved sliver in printed silk is topped with a no-sleeve coat in white wool. Circlet scarf is in matching silk. (Simplicity pattern 5227, 500.) The green and white print by American Silk; the wool by Milliken.

6- Another way to wear the white coat—over a sleeveless dress. Here, the sheath is a dark version of the sizzle green jumper from pattern 5377. The fabric, cotton and silk by M and W Thomas, is black plaided with white. Gloves by Wear Right.



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