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For The sake Of The Children

In the corridors at the Children’s Court of Conciliation, light bulbs flashed as Susan Hayward and Jess Barker posed with Judge Georgia Bullock. Jess’ smiling face reflected his hope that this attempt to reconcile with his estranged wife would end in success. But Susan, dry-eyed and expressionless, gave no hint of what she was thinking. She had consented to this meeting only because “I love my children.”

An unexpected court drama temporarily halted proceedings when the couple found themselves trying to patch up a misunderstanding between Mrs. Margaret. Harpstrite, the domestic relations conciliator, and her superior, Judge Bullock, as to who should hear the case. Putting aside her own problems, Susan gently consoled heir conciliator and finally succeeded in ironing out the difficulties.

But the misunderstanding between Susan and Jess could not be patched up so easily. Years ago they had drifted apart, then reconciled. But this time Susan had filed for divorce. “It is unfortunate our marriage turned out this way,” she said. “And I’m terribly sorry. But I no longer love my husband.”

There was a heart-breaking finality to the words. The court gave Susan temporary custody of the twins, Timothy and Gregory, and although it set up another, later hearing, few in the courtroom felt it would be of any use. It now seems that not even the children they both love can bring Susan and Jess together again.



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