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Natalie Wood washed Warren Beatty out of her hair, but apparently can’t keep him out of her mind. They say Arthur Loew, Jr., has proposed to Nat so many times that his knees have blisters. Just when Natalie is about to consent, Warren pops into town, and Nat wavers.

Me thinks that Richard Burton’s biggest problem isn’t talking his wife’s attorneys into a property settlement—it’s trying to free himself from Liz Taylor. Richard Boy is strictly her property, and she guards him around the clock. Why, he even finds it difficult to obtain permission to go to the men’s room. And such jealousy, too. Dickie wanted to hire a female secretary, a very, very, gorgeous blonde. So what happened? He now has a male secretary, and Liz made the selection. I wonder if Dickie thanks her for all this attention?

Glenn Ford loses again. Hope Lange and Alan Pakula (he produced “To Kill A Mockingbird”) up and got engaged right under Glenn’s nose. So who’s left for Glenn now? Look for him to make a return to smoke the peace pipe with ex-mate Eleanor Powell.

Gee, is Dick Chamberlain ever spreading his romantic wings. One week it was the sexy Karen Steele, the next he made a bid for Ann-Margret. So now Elvis Presley hates doctors.

If Dyan Cannon ever writes a book, it’ll probably be titled “How To Succeed With Cary Grant Without Really Trying.”

They say he popped the question, and she didn’t coach him, either. However, Dyan wants to get the fling of a career out of her system before putting on an apron. Boy! If I had an acre of Hollywood for every time I’ve heard an actress toss that line, I would own the town. By the way, Dyan appears in “How to Succeed in Business, etc.”

Those Shirley MacLaine-Robert Mitchum rumors boiled when they lunched in a corner booth at the Beverly Rodeo’s swank Chez Voltaire room. Can’t a leading man take his leading lady to lunch? Or cdn he? Bob plays one of Shirl’s five husbands in “What a Way To Go!” Oh, yeah, he’s getting plenty of ribs about those gold lame diapers (bathing trunks, to some) he has to wear in one of the film’s dream sequences.

The price you pay for love. Barbara Luna whipped out at Doug McClure in her divorce suit, demanding all the community property instead of the customary fifty per cent. They say she’ll never obtain it. Doug has two aces up his sleeve.

If Jerry Lewis and his Patti don’t have a girl on the current stork call, he’ll probably be so shook that he’ll go back with Dean Martin. The Lewises have five boys. Jerry wants a girl so badly that the theme of his opening TV show of the season was “Think Pink.” Following the telecast, Jerry invited most of Hollywood to “Think Pink” with him by tossing a pink party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The flowers, candles, tablecloths, wine, dessert were all pink.

Sue “Lolita” Lyon isn’t following the script. According to the film, she should fall in love with an elderly man. When she started dating Producer James Harris (more than twice her age), everyone figured it was type casting. The Harris days are over, and she’s in love with Hampton Fancher, III, the actor who’s supposed to have a loaded bank account. They would be married now with the exception of one small detail. Hampton has to divorce his first wife. I recall when the actor and Joan Blackman were madly in love. He kept telling Joan they would be married when that minor detail was taken care of. It never was. So, Sue, my dear I just thought you should know.

Poor, poor, poor Frank Sinatra. Are those Big Boys from the Nevada Gaming Commission picking on you, because a mood was entertained at your Cal-Neva Lodge? Bet Frank felt like running home in tears to mother. He didn’t, however. He ran to New York and Jill St. John ran after to hold his hand and dry his tears.

Scooping Around: Tipped that Yvette Mimieux did finally divorce her husband, the secret and mysterious Evan Harland Engber. So that’s why George Hamilton decided to make her his girl. And his brother Bill is Kay Gable’s new interest. . . . Rock Hudson is between romances. . . . If Marlo Thomas (she’s the dotter of Danny Thomas) and Ron Harper do decide to marry now that their play has closed, I hope no one will think an appropriate gift is a pair of boxing gloves. Their quarrels have not always been private. . . . Annette Funicello decided not to marry her horse trainer. I can see why, too. Annette’s horse only runs when it’s in the direction of the barn. . . . If Debbie Reynolds and Harry Karl want a baby so badly, why doesn’t she take a year off and have one? So she’s active again. She’s even resuming her nitery career, and plans to make three films in 1964. This leaves a stork pretty tired, I’d say. . . . Perhaps it’s nothing but gossip, but they’re saying that Jim Garner’s wife was much happier when he was only a television star. . . . Lucky Richard Boone only hit a parked car when returning from a studio party. The impact sent his head through the windshield, and surgeons spent two hours on his face.

Big Bill Holden finally made it official. He and his wife Ardis have decided they’ll be much happier not sharing the same house. Will Bill marry the vivacious Capucine when he’s free? If he does, Charlie Feldman will have something hot to say. It was the producer who discovered Capucine, and once wined and dined her. And those were the days Bill and Charlie were best pals.

Puzzler of the Month: What member of a husband-wife entertainment team is so unhappy he starts drowning his sorrows with vodka minutes after he gets up?





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