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Suited to the stars, and to every gal, siren or sweetie! The stars a show off their spring suits, co-starred with new shoes and stockings!

HOLLYWOOD SWINGS INTO SPRING, suited divinely in the most tempting array of glamour-duds this side of the silver screen! Dazzling Virginia Mayo, right, gives star-billing to a suit that’s packed with fashion news: a three-piece, blue-lilac honey by Swansdown, with a pebbly wool boucle jacket, a matching smooth worsted skirt and a short-sleeved wool jersey blouse in the same color, 10-18, about $75. Her red rabbit stole by Harold J. Rubin. Wear Right gloves. John Frederics’ Charmer hat. Coro jewelry. The leg excitement: Bur-Mil Cameo Nylomist hose in “Chit-Chat” shade. Brand-new Jacqueline cobra-and-suede pumps. Virginia‘s next: “She’s Back on Broadway”

MARJORIE STEELE, looking like the first breath of spring, steps into the season wearing a casual worsted suit by Rosenblum of California. The slim grey skirt has a walking pleat in front; the jacket’s checked in gold and grey—and features the easy, box silhouette. About $55, 10-18. Glentex striped satin scarf. Carol Deb jewelry. Ingber grey bag. Marge’s hose, sheer, non-run Burmilace with the soft face-powder finish. Her keen casual step-in shoes, by Vitality, beige calf with crepe soles. Marjorie is the bride in “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky,” one of two stories in RKO’s “Face to Face”

Monica models Joselli stole suit in white wool boucle with navy gabardine skirt, 10-18. Suit alone, about $50. Stole, about $10. Coro jewelry. Hose, mauve-y “Whisper.” Her shoes: navy mesh-and-suede pumps by Life Stride

Coral wool boucle jacket doubles as topper, has striped taffeta lining, bow; navy gab skirt. Lou Schneider, 1018, about $45. Wear Right gloves. Hose, “Gossip,” coral beige. Fashion-wise Bare-Foot Originals calf sling pumps

A “living doll” picks washable pale blue Dacron suit! Permanent-pleat skirt, white linen collar, cuffs. Duchess Royal, 10-18, about $30. Dawnelle gloves. Nylons, “Rumour.” Spring news: two-tone Delmanette d‘Orsays

Making like a white-collar girl, the Lewis goes trim in Handmacher Shepherd check classic, white linen collared, 10-20, $65. Dawnelle gloves. Coro jewelry. Daytime nylons, “Secret.” On her toes in Paradise patent pumps

La Lewis goes sexy in red rayon boucle after-five suit by Judy Nell. 10-16. Under $25. Coro rhinestones. Long gloves, Wear Right. Sheer, bare-look nylons, Ballet Toe Transpara. Rhinestone’d black suede Tupper sandals

She’s a “chic chick” in adorable luggage bolero suit by Sacony in washable Palm Beach cloth, 10-18, $25. Carol Deb jewelry. Wear Right gloves. Korby Originals blouse. “Scandal” tone hose. Red Cross beech-tone calf pumps

Thrush Monica ends on a high note, modeling day-or-date suit of Tebilized slub shantung by Jaunty Juniors, 915, about $30. Coro jewelry. Seamless Run-Resist nylons. Paradise navy calf sling sandals, trimmed in white

SHE’S “FRAMED IN FASHION”—and what a picture she makes! Marjorie Steele winds up our suit section in high style . . . and her “coat-suit’ is a real buy! Slim skirt, full-length coat and blouse are basis of a whole spring wardrobe; the ensemble, under $50. The coat and skirt are crisp navy faille; the coat lined to match the pale blue, printed shantung blouse. Donnybrook, 8-16. Red kid Grace Walker sandals show off new-for-street bare look. With ‘em, of course, nylons to match the bareness: Bur-Mil Cameo Ballet Toes



Photoplay’s piquant Scholarship Winner, Nancie Brown, has a new twelve-piece wardrobe, specially selected for her by famous West Coast designer Stephanie Koret, of Koret of California. For Nancie’s busy daytime activities at the Pasadena Playhouse, Koret chose their charcoal-gray wool, Pair-Offs, below. Cinch-waisted skirt, stole (spencer jacket not shown) are subtly striped in muted rainbow colors. Evenings out, Nancie goes “soft” in black velveteen skirt, cutaway bolero and white Dacron blouse, pleated collar. Koret styles to be had at stores everywhere

Budding young actress, Nancie Brown, wears three of her four-part Pair-Off set by Koret on a window-shopping spree



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