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The Big Rumor

When Frank Sinatra was in the South of France, filming location exteriors for “Kings Go Forth,” a reporter from London turned up on the scene with a volley of personal questions to toss at him. But when Frankie refused to discuss his romantic life—past, present and future—the undaunted interrogator got an idea: He decided to write his own story. And that’s how a completely manufactured yarn to the effect that Frankie’s next bride would be the widowed Lauren Bacall, became a “scoop” that was picked up by newscasters all over the world. Neither Betty nor Frank would dignify this “exclusive” with a denial, although the reporter, to protect himself, said they would. But all of us who know Betty know how deeply in love she was with Bogie, and that she is still recuperating from the emotional strain of the prolonged illness that led to his untimely death.

And so she isn’t thinking of marrying Frankie, or anyone, as of now. True, “time heals all wounds,” and it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that Betty will marry again. She’s still too young and attractive to face the years ahead without a man around the house, and with two children to raise, I’m sure she’ll feel their need of a father, as well as her own need of a husband. But neither I, nor any of her intimate friends think that Frankie will supply those needs. As a friend, he’ll always be in Betty’s life, as he was in Bogie’s. He was an integral part of that small clique in which the Bogarts moved, and still is. But Betty has never dated him alone. No, romance with Frankie or anyone is far from her thoughts. And what about Frankie? Where does romance enter his scheme of things? Where it always has, I should think—playing the field as “Pal Frankie.”





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