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Alfa Romeo SZ, 1989


SZ This limited edition GT was a collaboration between Fiat’s styling centre, where the original idea came from, Alfa Romeo, and coach-builder Zagato, the last of which looked after construction of the 1,035 examples that were built between 1989 and 1991. Its codename was ES 30. Unlike earlier special Zagato Alfas, the body was of thermoplastics, rather than hand-beaten aluminum. There was only one color choice: red with a grey roof and a tan leather interior.

Engine2,959 cc V6-cylinder
Top speed152 mph (245 km/h)

The SZ took the wonderful 210 bhp, Alfa Romeo V6 engine from the 75 saloon and put it into this strangely attractive coupé.

Alfa Romeo 4C, 2013


4C The entire 2014 allocation of the delectable 4C sold out within a few days. The car’s lightweight construction is built around a carbon-fibre chassis tub, aluminum subframes front and back, and tightly wrapped composite body panels; it weighs just 0.88 tons (895 kg). Its mid-mounted power unit endows it with a 0-62 mph (100 km/h) acceleration time of 4.5 seconds, and yet still returned 41 mpg (14.7 km/I). The steering was designed to give racing car-like feedback.

Engine1,742 cc, straight-four
Top speed160 mph (258 km/h)

Alfa Romeo stunned enthusiasts with this, two-seater sports car. Just 1,000 a year are to be built, by Maserati.


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