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    Dog Daze

    There’s a saying that every dog has his day. In Hollywood, this happens to hold true—every day. Just ask around among the members of filmland’s canine colony.

    One of the most distinguished of the group is Shoo Shoo, to whom Donna Reed belongs. According to the London Kennel Club, Shoo Shoo is the only silver-blue standard poodle in America. His real name is Vulgan Choufleur, and his papers, which recently arrived by plane from Great Britain, indicate that his mother Vulgan Champagne Spinach is a champion of all England. His distinguished father is Vulgan Pluvious.

    Born in Buxstead, Shoo Shoo was discovered by Donna’s husband Tony Owen while he was making a picture abroad. Tony looked at Shoo Shoo. Shoo Shoo looked at Tony. That sort of settled things. On Christmas Eve Tony returned home to Hollywood and his family. He was wearing a black English raincoat when he walked through the doorway. Shoo Shoo was nestled in one pocket. Within minutes, Shoo Shoo and the Owens’ children had discovered one another. “I’ll never forget their expressions,” Donna remembers. “They were excited. They’d wanted a dog so long!”

    Shoo Shoo now rules the Owen house-hold. He bows to only one person—Tony. “A word from me,” says Donna, “and he does exactly as he pleases.”

    They were the dark days when Jean waited anxiously for word from RKO as to whether or not they would lend her to M-G-M for “Young Bess.” Her smiles were slow in coming in these days. During this spell, just before dinner one evening when Jean and Stewart were in the kitchen whipping up a light meal, Stewart got an idea. “Be back soon,” he told her.

    A great deal of time passed before Stewart returned. When he did, Young Bess peeked out from under his coat and a huge smile peeked out from Jean’s sad face. Needless to say, Stewart’s lengthy absence was forgiven, and Young Bess was royally welcomed. And she’s been given royal treatment around the Grangers ever since.

    Smog is a condition that often hangs over Los Angeles like a blanket. Smog is also a Christmas gift to Mona Freeman from Bing Crosby. The pup got the name Smog because he’s a gray-white color.

    Smog has a habit of capturing the center of attention in the Freeman household—and outside the Freeman household. Take the time Mona went over to Pasadena to pose with a half-million dollars’ worth of emeralds. The photos were to be taken in a local bank. Smog walked in, eyed the jewels and walked away. Half the bank employees followed him, to ooohh and ahhh. Emeralds? They got photographed, but they took a back seat to Smog.

    Lassie is not the only famed dog who has famous offspring. There is, for instance, Piper Laurie’s Squeeky, mother of Sashay. Squeeky was just a pup when Piper retrieved her from the dog pound during Piper’s early days at Universal-International. Having trained Squeeky, Piper has gone to great pains to train Squeeky’s daughter, Sashay. She has also imposed a number of the same rules upon her. Sashay is not allowed to enter the living room except upon special occasions (special occasions usually mean when Sashay decides to enter the living room).

    Sashay also has a penchant for flowers—eating them, that is. Tulips and lilies are her favorites—especially the variety planted by Piper’s mother in the backyard.

    Mari Blanchard raised her Afghans, Querida and Lorelei, for show dogs. This is another mother-daughter team, Querida being the mother. Each has won a number of ribbons at various dog shows.

    Mari spends a lot of time with her pets—grooming and training them, even frequently taking the pair to the studio with her. When Mari leaves town, both Querida and Lorelei grieve for her, losing their appetites and moping around Mari’s mother’s house until their owner returns.

    A favorite of the Paget household is Honey, the cocker spaniel given to Debra by her family several Christmases ago. Honey’s two now, and through the years has developed a mania for cleanliness. Honey’s favorite resting place is the bathtub . . . with or without water. Say “bath,” and Honey comes running!





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