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    Susan Hayward: Her Life In Pictures

    1- “Can I have a nickel for a pony ride. huh?” Little treats looked big to Edythe Marrener, Brooklyn-born on June 30,.1918.

    2- She grew up in a family that knew how to be happy on a short budget.

    3- Their Church Avenue apartment was a long way from Park Avenue.

    4- And depression days pushed the teenager into modeling jobs.

    5- These caught Hollywood’s eye, but at first she was given only publicity shots—and a new name.

    6- Susan Hayward was luckier in love—she thought, when she married actor Jess Barker, July 23, 1944.

    7- It took twins Gregory and Timothy, born 1945, to hold the stormy marriage together.

    8- After a long, sensational divorce suit; Susan won her decree August 17, 1954.

    9- Custody fights kept up, searing her nerves until she took a near-fatal overdose of sleeping pills on April 26, 1955. Rapid recovery found her ready to face life with new courage.

    10- In the meantime, Oscar began flirting with her when she was nominated for her 1947 hit in “Smash-Up—The Story of a Woman.”

    11- Her role opposite Dana Andrews in 1949’s “My Foolish Heart” brought a second Academy nomination.

    12- The third saluted her acting and singing as Jane Frohman in 1952’s “With a Song in My Heart.”

    13- Missing the Award for her Lillian Roth role in 1955’s “I’ll Cry Tomorrow” (with Eddie Albert) was a real heart-breaker.

    14- Fifth nomination—third real-life part, as Barbara Graham in “I Want To Live”—and this was it!

    15- Yet true happiness in Susan’s life had already begun, with her marriage to lawyer Eaton Chalkley, February 8, 1957.

    16- Between films, she’s a happy housewife.

    17- An estate in Carrollton, Georgia, lies at the end of the road from Brooklyn.


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE AUGUST 1959

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