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Doris Day’ Dancing Daze

When Doris Day was a young girl, her dream of dancing fame ended cruelly when her leg was badly shattered in an auto accident. Gamely, she switched to singing, and thereafter spoke little about her first love. And even when her musicals called for a bit of stepping, it was always just an accompaniment to her vocalizing. But the dances called for in her new film, “The Pajama Game”—these were something different. The slick, smash Broadway hit being brought to the screen by Warner Brothers called for really fancy footwork. Doris met the challenge with a gleam in her eye and a determination that, by golly, she was going to show everybody that she was a dancer, too. That she did, as Photoplay’s visit on set for this number with John Raitt, “There Once Was a Man,” amply testifies. Dodo performed with such verve that she came out of it limping. A doctor was called—and Xrays revealed that during the dance Doris had cracked two ribs!



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