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These Little Wigs Went To Market

Did you know that many of Hollywood’s most glamorous stars have two heads? The extra head, of course, is an extra head of hair! A wig! Today, fashion-conscious females all over the world have discovered what film beauties have known for a long time—a wig is a woman’s best friend. The stars’ concern is not purely a fashion one, it goes a bit deeper than that. They don their wigs to be chic—and unrecognizable! By putting on a coal-black wig, Kim can wander into the corner store and casually buy a soda or a magazine. When Shirley shops, a high-piled brown wig covers her blond locks. Carolyn, as a blonde, is just another housewife at the supermarket. As an instant blonde, Liz even managed to fool her then husband, Eddie Fisher. Blondes Connie and Jayne can play hide-and-seek with fans by becoming brunettes. And when Debbie covered her usual casual hairdo with a short, sophisticated “tipped” top, she almost fooled us. So next time you see a blonde at the market who looks like your favorite brunette star—or vice versa—take another look. It’s probably she!



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