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Under Hedda’s Hat

My nationwide tour—on behalf of my book “The Whole Truth And Nothing But”—was an eye-opener. I lectured on Hollywood and then the audiences would throw questions at me for half an hour. And what questions! The poor old bean was reeling before I got home again. But it sure proved one thing—despite all the talk about Hollywood’s dying on the vine, the public is still curious about the people who live here—even the people who don’t live here any more—like Liz Taylor. I was asked repeatedly if Liz is pregnant. Nope, she can never have another child. But she remains a mystery—even to the people she works with. When she agreed to do a part in John Huston’s “The List of Adrian Messenger,” make-up artist Bud Westmore spent thirty-three sleepless hours flying to Geneva, Switzerland, to get an impression of Liz’ face so he could whip up a mask for her. Almost all the actors in that one have their faces covered until the last few minutes of the picture. Well, when Bud showed up she couldn’t have been more cooperative or enthusiastic. There was only one hitch, she later decided not to do the film.


Above: Frank Sinatra, Jr. got all kinds of offers after he appeared on Jack Benny’s TV show—but he went back to UCLA where he’s studying theater arts. Frankie, who’s been dating Hayley Mills lately, resembles his famous dad—but he has a lot of studying to do before he can ever match his dad in the fabulous voice department.

Elvis Presley’s newest interest is Sharon Hugueny, who married Bob Evans in a misguided moment and then divorced him. Elvis has been in the habit of inviting girls to his parties and sending his car and chauffeur for them, but, well, she’s a special kind of girl, so he calls for pretty Miss Sharon himself.

Carol Burnett has taken care of her sister Chris from the time she was twelve (both their parents died), and she pulled out a picture and showed me what a beautiful girl she is. “Does she want to act?” I asked. “No,” said Carol, “she wants to be a mother. She’s stacked like Sophia Loren—I’m embarrassed to take a bath in front of her.” Carol’s marriage to Don Saroyan turned sour when she hit the big time and he was left behind. When her divorce is final—and TV producer Joe Hamilton’s, too—you can look for this couple to be married.


Above: The Germans who investigated Liz Taylor’s fitness to keep her adopted baby agreed to let Liz keep her. Well, at least she will be able to afford the medical treatment the child needs so badly.

Richard Burton compounded the felony of being a cad by denying everything that went on during the making of “Cleopatra” and ending up with, “Really, the lack of morality in the papers is appalling!” Now I ask you! Despite it all, though, he’s still outdistancing Liz on those polls that measure how much publicity you get every week. When they started the film, he wasn’t on the list at all.

Lana Turner and Fred May denied it for a long time, but finally had to level and admit their marriage was over. Lana will get away from it all this Christmas. She’s agreed to go with Bob Hope on his tour to entertain our servicemen.

Gossip from their closest friends indicate the Indian signs are on the Natalie Wood-Warren Beatty romance. Well, it’s had a good long run as such things go. I heard Warren grew restless in Rome before his split-up with Joan Collins because he felt he wasn’t getting enough attention standing in her shadow. Now I hear he feels the same about Natalie. Oh, well, I never thought they’d marry!

I sat beside Warren at the sneak preview of “Two For The Seesaw.” When his sister Shirley MacLaine arrived, she sat directly in front of him. During the picture, Beatty forgot everything—including Natalie—and concentrated so hard on the film he even forgot to laugh. When it ended, he reached out those long arms and enveloped his sister in the biggest hug and kiss he’s ever given anybody. Shirley deserved it—she’s great in the film. I’ve a friendly word of warning to Warren: You’d better get back on the screen. You’ve been absent so long, your next picture may be a comeback!

Glenn Ford keeps saying, “I have nothing to say about Hope Lange,” when I ask him about their warmed-over romance.


Above: Carol Lynley and husband Mike Selsman didn’t mind when she was cut from “A Woman In July,” but I hear D. Zanuck put her back in again.

It’s true—there’s a Divorced Men’s Club in Beverly Hills to help fellows who are suddenly minus a wife, children, home and roots. This club doesn’t feature booze and entertainment, but top psychiatrists and a chance to meet other men in the same boat. The members got fed up with their ex-wives getting all the alimony and the sympathy, and some pretty big names are being comforted there.


Above: If Kim Novak isn’t marrying Dick Quine, then why did she spend her time in Paris painting a portrait of him and his young son?

Debbie Reynolds is so anxious to play something besides a silly ingenue on screen she offered to do “The Unsinkable Mollie Brown” for nothing. MGM says she isn’t the type. “After all,” argues Debbie, “with two husbands and two children, I’ve grown up.” Maybe she’s using the wrong approach. If she upped her price to a million could be they’d start talking.


That’s all the news for now. I’ll write more next month.



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