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    You Read It First In Vintage Paparazzi

    Hollywood Wonders Why: Margaret O’Brien’s mother continues to dress her like a simple school girl, when her obvious charm and beauty rate her in the running with Elizabeth Taylor . . . Certain Hollywood actors say they’ll be just as pleased if they don’t work with Danny Thomas a second time—and this despite his general popularity . . . Rita Hayworth accepts invitations to Hollywood parties when she looks so bored five minutes after she has made an entrance . . . Easy-going, kindly, cooperative Van Johnson, who makes five money-making pictures to Gene Kelly’s one, was asked to support the hoofer in a forthcoming production . . . Kathryn Grayson continues to protest that there are no eligible bachelors in Hollywood, when a member of her household confides that no less than sixteen men called her in one week—all asking for dates!

    Heart Throbs: He has the ring and if Vera-Ellen will just nod her pretty head, she’ll make Dean Miller the happiest man in filmland . . . All’s fair in love and what have you! All of which means Jane Wyman stopped seeing Travis Kleefeld and started seeing Greg Bautzer again, when Ginger Rogers stopped seeing the handsome attorney and started seeing young Jacques Bergerac somewhere in France . . . Quoting Lana Turner: “Regardless of what you hear, read or even decide in your own mind, I am not romantically interested in any other man but Fernando Lamas.” . . . After a series of sophisticated women, Kirk Douglas is taking a refresher course by dating Pier Angeli. He obviously passed the “acid” test because Mama Angeli no longer chaperones her darling daughter on her evenings out.

    In Case You Care: The William Powells named their French poodle “Bogart,” because when the little beastie smiles, he bares all his teeth . . . She does it strictly for laughs, which she gets, which is why Rosalind Russell sometimes goes to Hollywood parties wearing her son’s Boy Scout uniform . . . In case you were a bit baffled by Patricia Neal’s performance in “Washington Story,” you have nothing on the lady herself. When the studio decided to change her characterization, she was called back to dub in new dialogue, but they didn’t re-shoot her scenes . . . Jeanne Crain, whose personal life personifies everything that’s wholesome, is on a glamour kick and is begging the studio for cheesecake photos . . . All the stills had to be retouched for U-I’s “Seminole” because it’s a Breen Office rule that American Indians can’t show their navels!

    Funny Side Up: Hollywood or Hoboken, it all adds up to growing pains when the following conversation takes place at the breakfast table. Doris Day: “What’s the matter, Terry? You look so unhappy—and today’s the day you’re going to your first girl and boy party.” Terry: “That’s what’s worrying me. Supposing I’m the only boy who shows up with all those girls?” Marty Melcher: “You should be so lucky! Carry a rabbit’s foot, son—carry a rabbit’s foot!” Fadeout on a platter of bacon and eggs. Everyone dives into it and registers satisfaction.

    Cal Believes: That Craig Hill (a former “Choose Your Star” winner) can’t miss being one of the biggest hits in Hollywood. Your fan letters following his touching performance in “What Price Glory” made a big impression on studio bosses . . . That Beverly Michaels will be rewarded for her courage and patience. After she soared to success in “Pickup,” Columbia took over her contract and let her sit it out. She’s now signed a long-term contract with Universal . . . That his bosses now realize Tony Curtis needs good pictures and strong stories to preserve his popularity. Following elaborate announcement of his appearance in person at the local Paramount Theatre, the house was still half empty . . . That Marilyn Monroe is going to suddenly surprise everyone by turning into a top dramatic actress. While she has wisely gone for all the cheesecake art that made her famous. Miss Lush and Lovely has some far sighted plans. She is quietly devoting endless hours to study and improvement.

    Small Talk: “Mr. Stevens just called,” said the maid to Mrs. Mark Stevens. “He’s bringing Mr. Pidgeon (Walter) home to dinner.” Little Mark Richard let out a war whoop. “Mr. Pigeon’s coming to dinner!” he exclaimed as he danced around the room. His mother drew him to her side. “Now why are you so excited?” she inquired. “You don’t know Mr. Pidgeon.” The little boy’s eyes continued to sparkle. “Yes, I do—yes, I do!” he cried. “I feed him every single day in the park.”

    Eternal Eve: Even though Linda Christian may he perfectly capable of raising the raised eyebrows of Hollywood society, Tyrone Power still finds her a most fascinating female. At the Tony Martins’ party for the Maharajah and Maharanee of Jaipur, Mrs. P. all but stole the show from the guests of honor. She wore odd green make-up on her eyelids that matched the gown she was wearing. Her accent, her gaiety, her cat-like way of walking across the room attracted everyone. Ty’s face practically beamed with pride as he watched her, too.

    Broad Shoulders: “It really takes guts to be that unconvincing,” is the way a top director summed up Shelley Winters’ performance in the Circle Theatre production of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Cal agrees that Shelley bore no physical resemblance to the fragile heroine of the Ol’ South. On the other hand, you have to admire her ambition, even if Shel doesn’t recognize her limitations. Some of the unkinder reviews upset her, natch. But now that the Vittorio Gassmans are expecting the stork, life is just a big fat bowl of happiness.

    Around the Town: We’ve got news for blonde and beautiful Lori Nelson. Robert Wagner would like to be your real-life gentleman caller, but you’ll probably have to share him with Debbie Reynolds, too . . . Last month, we said Hollywood wondered why Olivia de Havilland hired a body guard for her son Benjy. The answer to that question might be found in the no-punches-pulled testimony at Livvy’s divorce trial . . . Bette Davis’ sister Bobbe (she’s always wanted to act) may play a small role in Bette’s New York musical. In the meantime, the great Davis is celebrating her victory in that $66,000 tax controversy with the Federal government . . . It’s true so help us! A group of girls signing themselves “The Old Maid’s Club” have adopted Tab Hunter as their “official husband” . . . Just when everyone sighed and said: “They look so-o-o happy since they’ve reconciled,” Arlene Dahl quietly filed that divorce complaint against sexy Lexy . . . Love Evie Johnson’s crack when a reporter asked had they quarreled and had Van walked out? “Yes, it’s true,” Mrs. J. deadpanned. “We had an argument, Van left home—and went to a double feature!”

    It Would Be Nice: If Charlton Heston remembered people he’s met many times before, or at least looked at them when he’s introduced all over again . . . If uninformed radio commentators stopped re-farring to Lana Turner’s boy friend as Fernando La-MOSS . . . If Glenn Ford subscribed to that old one about catching more flies with sugar . . . If newcomer Aldo Ray would soft pedal his opinions on the acting ability of stars who are long-established in the film firmament . . . If Debra Paget got kissed so all those publicity-seeking Hollywood hams could relax from trying to finagle dates with her . . . If there were more actors like Richard Widmark, who is always interesting and never disinterested.

    Down Memory Lane: Ethel Merman’s back after some fourteen years. Hollywood remembers when the star of “Call Me Madam” loved practical jokes and sent an undertaker to Cesar Romero’s apartment to “pick up a body” . . . Joan Crawford, one-time Number One Charleston dancer, played a return engagement at her own party right in her own little theatre. Accommodating Joan heeded the pleas of her guests and really slayed ’em . . . Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wilding devote endless evenings in an M-G-M projection room watching movies that starred the fantastically beautiful Garbo . . . John Wayne’s teen-age children patronize an “old movie” house on Fairfax Avenue, where they go to see their now-famous father in those quickie pictures he used to make on his lunch hour!

    Hollywood Is Talking About: Hedy Lamarr’s original gift of a specially-made “Oscar” for Mrs. Cecil B. De Mille on the famous couple’s Golden Wedding Anniversary . . . Clark Gable’s indifferent attitude toward Hollywood actors (Errol Flynn excepted) who register at his same hotel in London where he’s making a picture with Gene Tierney . . . Olivia de Havilland reviving the ancient custom of movie stars giving gold gifts to set workers at the end of a picture . . . Jean Peters buying five thousand earth worms for her Beverly Hills garden, while other actresses energetically dig for sables . . .




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