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That’s Hollywood For You

With or without a prince, Grace Kelly remains a puzzle. Bet she will to him, too. . . . I was moved by Kim Novak, in “The Man with the Golden Arm,” more than in any of her other movies. . . . For the most energetic actor, I nominate Yul Brynner. Man, what energy! . . . It seems to me that marriage has given Eddie Fisher more poise. . . . I know a guy whose favorite actress is still Clara Bow. Wonder if I could interest him in Piper Laurie? . . . With Anna Magnani, there is no in-between to the performance she gives. I admire her. . . . Lana Turner still remains one of the young set to me, and yet she’s considered a veteran. . . . Few people know it, but Margaret O’Brien has a unique sense of humor. She ought to do a comedy. . . . Arnold Stang should get plenty of straight movie jobs. . . . Susan Strasberg, when an interviewer inquired whether or not she has dates with boys, said: “Let’s just say I maintain a social life.” Susie is not only the best of the young crop but, at only seventeen, the most diplomatic.

Sheree North is sincere in everything she does. . . . I don’t care what they do to it, they can’t improve on the original of “It Happened One Night.” . . . Poor Susan Hayward, always a bridesmaid and never a bride: She has been nominated for an Oscar three times but hasn’t captured one yet, and it looks like the same old story for her performance in “I’ll Cry Tomorrow.” . . . I find it relaxing and enjoyable to see an old Ginger Rogers-Fred Astaire musical. . . . Bob Wagner is always polite. . . . I think Ida Lupino was overlooked for her performance in “The Big Knife.” . . . Paul Newman, regardless of how much he looks like Marlon Brando, just doesn’t affect me the same way.

With all the hits on Broadway this year, Hollywood should be stocked with some ready-made stories—of course, with improvements! . . . Off-hand, I’d say Deborah Kerr should make a good Gertrude Lawrence. . . . Hollywood is a place where, after you become a star in the movies, you go to New York to learn how to act. . . . I’d see Jo Van Fleet in a movie any time. . . . I’m tired of pictures about maladjusted children. Give me a movie about a youngster like Elizabeth Taylor in “National Velvet.” . . . Eva Marie Saint fits her name. . . . James Wong Howe remains one of the best cameramen in the business. Recent proof: “Rose Tattoo” and “Picnic.” . . . I don’t believe Jack Palance as a lover.

William Holden is proving he can play anything. I’m anxious to see him with his black hair and mustache in “The Proud and the Profane.” Holden certainly turned out to be the Golden Boy. . . . I disagree with people who say making movies is strictly a business and not art. I agree when they realize that the values can become mixed, with disastrous results. Oscar and Emmy are strange names for highly coveted awards actors and actresses struggle to win. The movies are male and TV is female.

I’m pleased both Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis have new movies coming up. . . . Why is it that I always get Richard Egan and George Nader confused, when they aren’t really similar? . . . My favorite character, Mike Curtiz, while directing a scene became annoyed because his actors blew their lines a few times. Said Mike: “If I wasn’t making such big money, I’d throw up my job in a minute. I wouldn’t want the trouble of it for all the money in the world!” That’s Hollywood for you!



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