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Vintage Paparazzi Star Fashions

You’re off to school, or maybe this year, you’re office-bound. Either way, you’ll score high with the teacher or boss (not to mention your budget) if you come dressed in the Star Fashions shown here. Left: Pat Crowley chooses a Harlequin-hued wool princess coat that’s Pellon-lined for permanent shape, boasts a cavalier collar and turned-back cuffs. In red, teal, purple, green. 9-15. $69.95. Right: Joanne Gilbert wears a budget-inspired wool coat of black and gray herringbone tweed with wide cavalier collar, pleated and buttoned side fullness and big flap pockets. Also in beige and white. 7-15. $49.95. Coats by Donny Jr. Dawnelle gloves. Coronet handbags

What’s Pat Crowley saying to Joanne Gilbert? Could be about their new coats. Left: Pat models a full-length button-down coat of alpaca pile—the nearest thing to fur you’ll find. Soft and smooth in fabric, abundant in cut and completely right for the coldest days. Cuffs are wide and turned back. Shawl collar adaptable. 7-15. In beige, gray, navy. About $65. By Harrister Jr.

Right: Joanne Gilbert wears a coat with a penchant for efficiency and an affinity for slim skirts. It’s cut short, kept simple and neat, all the better to show off its wide sailor collar and neat back belt. Available in navy, charcoal gray, light gray, red and sand beige chinchilla. 5-15. About $45. By Diamond Debs. Llama calf handbag by Coronet. Hat in hand, soft felt cloche by Betmar.

Vera-Ellen’s choice for work is matching flannel separates. The Dior-inspired “Blouson” short jacket is fully lined, has its own stitched-on waistband. The skirt, slim and trim, is interrupted only by hip-pockets, kick-pleats. Color-coordinated with suit, a cotton print shirt. Skirt, 10-20, $9.95; jacket, 10-18, $16.95; shirt, 30-38, $3.95. In pumpkin, purple, lime green. Majestic Specialties

Stolen from the best-dressed man are Anne Francis’ “Bond Street” separates. A hip-length flannel Chesterfield covers an Oxford boy shirt with French cuffs and tie. The skirt, pencil slim and efficient, in executive stripe tweed. Skirt in gray and white, brown and white, $9.95. Jacket, charcoal gray, brown, $17.95. Shirt, white, pink, blue, $3.95. All 10-20, by Majestic Specialties.

Left: Mala Powers takes time out for fun in a camel-colored wool pyramid princess dress that carries its wide skirt influence to a highpoint in front, lowers to the waistline in back. The top, designed to look like a sweater, is of novelty boucle jersey; the skirt, a combination of camel and wool. Also in charcoal gray. 5-15. $39.95. By Felix Safian. Right: Colleen Miller’s full skirted coatdress is red faille, accented by a steady row of black buttons from collar to hem, a striped scarf that copies the color of taffeta petticoat and dress. Also in beige, black and brown. 7-15. $22.95. By Tailored Jr.

Sally Forrest wears an orange orlonwool jersey dress with figure-flattering long torso cinched in at the waist by matching fabric belt. Small collar can be turned up, has its own slim bow tie. Skirt is mass of fine pleats. 7-15. $29.95. By Pat Hartly.

As fashion leaders, Terry Moore and Anne Bancroft belong right at the head of the class. Left: Terry’s wool tweed separates can pass easily for a dress, looks chic when worn separately. Figure-fitting jacket, which barely reaches the waist, has fringed collar, double row of buttons. Skirt is action-pleated with buttoned panel, In cognac black; purple black; moss green black. Jacket and skirt, $10.95 each. 7-15.

By Juniorite. Pearls by H. & S. Originals Right: Anne Bancroft’s flannel jumper is easy to wear with its full skirt, soft scooped neckline and buttons all the way down the front. It can be worn to class with a simple wool jersey blouse, is perfect, minus the blouse, for evening functions. Available in charcoal gray, brown. Sizes 7-15. $14.95. Wool jersey blouse comes in peacock, burnt orange, gold. $5.95. Both by Ilene Ricky.

Anne wears nylon-pima dress blouse with high neck, push-up ¾ sleeves. White, pink, blue, beige, gray. $5.95.

Terry in a print-on-white cotton with ruffled front, cuffed sleeves. Cognac green black; purple mauve black. $4.95.

A pretty change of pace—little-girl blouse of wool jersey, smocked top. Cognac, purple, green. $7.95. Juniorite.

Left: From office to date with no time for change. Barbara Darrow wears a suit that can be dressed up or down, depending upon the occasion. For 95 hours, the simplicity of this fitted flannel suit can stand on its own. Come 5 o’clock and your date is waiting, a silver or black fox tie-on collar makes it important date bait. 7-15. In gray, blue, brown. $69.95: with collar $79.95. Nobility Jr.

Right: Anne Francis wears a chic ensemble happily mated to give workaday comfort. The boxy tweed jacket can be slipped on with ease, just as easily mixed with other skirts to give a wardrobe extra go. Notice its smart back belt and rounded collar. Under it, a whistle slim flannel skirt and nylon shortsleeved sweater. In beige, blue, copper. 7-15. Helene Jrs. 3 pieces $39.95



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