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About Janet Leigh

She stands five feet and a half in her sandal hose and she detests men who are smooth. Her measurements make even a Petty girl seem sloppy. Thirty-six bust, thirty-five hip, twenty-two-and-a-half- inch waist. When she is being very forceful, she says, “Honest Injun.”

Her last name is pronounced Lee, her favorite sport is badminton and she gives every man the impression that he alone can protect her.

She is a fine cook. Her favorite actress is Dorothy McGuire.

She loves to rumba and she’s baffled by people who are bored with life.

Currently her pet tune is “My Comic Valentine.” She has been married twice; but her parents caught up with her high school elopement so quickly that there was a annulment.

She maintains her weight at one hundred and eighteen pounds and her father calls her Stinky.

Her best recipes, she says, are for veal scallopini, green salad with a super-special roquefort cheese dressing and pineapple upside-down cake. She dotes on every shade of blue and her eyes are like brown velvet.

When she laughs, which is practically continuously, she shuts her eyes, wrinkles her nose, doubles up and can be heard for blocks and she is rapidly becoming the best dressed junior star in Hollywood.

Her hair is real hair-colored hair, light brown and fine-textured.

She never eats bread. Money doesn’t impress her. She sleeps in pajamas with the windows wide open and the bed covers high.

She’s a thrill, definitely.


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    1 Ağustos 2023

    Some times its a pain in the ass to read what people wrote but this internet site is really user friendly!

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