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Cupid’s Corner: Debbie Reynolds finally married a singer—Frank Sinatra! And for the first time, Eddie Fisher was on “The Tender Trap” set when they did the scene. To Cal, it was also ironic to watch this highly-publicized pair step through the portals of Tomorrowland at the gala premiere of $17,000,000 Disneyland. Everyone was asking: What does real Tomorrowland hold for Debbie and Eddie? The serious-faced romanticists looked like they’re still trying to find the answer themselves! . . . For Clark Gable, however, Tomorrowland is overflowing with happiness, because the former Kay Spreckels became the King’s fifth Queen in a four-minute ceremony in Minden, Nevada. Number five just hap- pens to be his lucky number! For the time being, they’ll have three homes—hers in Beverly Hills, theirs in Palm Springs and his ranch in Encino. What happens to that miniature burro Grace Kelly sent to Clark on his last birthday? With beautiful, blue-eyed Kay’s sense of humor, she’ll probably rename it—and keep it around for laughs!

Small Fry: Day’s in a dilemma and we do mean Doris! Her son Terry’s favorite picture was “On Moonlight Bay,” because his famous Mom played baseball in this one. So somewhere along the way Terry got the idea that Doris plays baseball again in “Love Me or Leave Me,” and he’s pestering her to take him to see it. Her highly dramatic role of the career-ridden torch singer is such a departure, now Doris doesn’t dare let Terry see it. “And if he ever sees that snapshot of me wearing a Bikini in Europe,” laughs Doris, “then I really will have to leave home!”

Ridiculous Rumor: One of the silly stories that drifted back from Marfa, Texas, where they shot “Giant,” had Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson supposedly smitten with each other. When Michael Wilding flew there to see his wife, it really fanned the flame of gossip. The truth is, James Dean and Mercedes McCambridge are two rugged individualists who love to discuss acting. books and music. When this excluded Rock and Liz, they automatically spent their time together between scenes. The Wildings had enthusiastic plans for a vacation at Carmel-by-the-Sea and Rock couldn’t wait to get back to Phyllis Gates.

New Twos: At 20th Century-Fox, beautiful Britisher Dana Wynter is the studio’s answer to Grace Kelly (without the white gloves!) and personal publicists insist the lady and handsome Richard Egan are having a heat wave. But in the midst of all the tub thumping, who does Dana date—Marlon Brando! We don’t know what happened to his scheduled June wedding to Josanne Mariani, but we do know this. The genial gent is now so in love with Hollywood, he’s looking for an isolated, hilltop house and he intends to make it home base.

Million Dollar Babies: It’s costing Ann Blyth $300,000 to have her second child. and she couldn’t care less. “Those offers for theatre appearances and Las Vegas were very gratifying.” she smiles, “but the job I accepted is going to pay the we, biggest dividend of all!” . . . They aa waited ten years, but now the Jerry Lewises expect a little valentine next February. Friends feel the happy news will help to unite the estranged team of Martin and Lewis. And did you know an executive tried to get the boys to lie down and tell their troubles to a psychiatrist? Who’d psychoanalyze whom! . . . And Betty Hutton’s walking around beaming these days. She and husband Alan Livingston couldn’t possibly be happier.

Behind the Camera: Regaining 8 of the 15 lbs. he lost in Mexico, Robert Wagner’s having a ball playing a psychopathic killer in “A Kiss Before Dying.” And the considerate “madman” worked 17 consecutive days and nights to finish scenes with pal Jeff Hunter, enabling Jeff to accept an excellent role opposite John Wayne in “The Searchers” . . .

Hollywood Pays Tribute: To the late Bob Francis who was tragically killed in an airplane crash. Bob, one of the most talented and outstanding young stars, was also one of Hollywood’s most respected newcomers. His untimely death is mourned deeply by all who knew him.

Dye Hards: We could be wrong, but have you ever heard of a redheaded Indian? Well, that’s what Russ Tamblyn plays in “The Last Hunt” and, oh, how he hated that dye job. But you know the movies—it was all for grand and glorious Technicolor! . . . And for a change of pace, Jeff Chandler’s darkened his distinguishing gray locks. He’s only in his mid-thirties, and for certain roles the gray added too much maturity. Jeff’s been working so hard he entered a hospital recently for a complete checkup. He needs rest, plenty of it.

It’s True That: Until this appears, only his intimates know James Stewart has been under the doctor’s care ever since he returned from Africa where they shot “The Man Who Knew Too Much” . . . Terry Moore’s fan mail increased 300% since her censorable pictures appeared in a Turkish newspaper, but it still doesn’t compensate for her embarrassment! A “feud” exists between Joshua and Moses in Hollywood. Translated, this means John Derek ribs Charlton Heston unmercifully when he walks on “The Ten Commandments” set wearing red-and-black Bermuda walking shorts! . . . Although his romance with Pier Angeli belongs to the tender past, James Dean still keeps her framed photograph sitting on his desk . . . Dorothy Malone and Liberace had a few dates, but when the pulsating pianist bought ten evening gowns on a shopping spree, he bought them for his mom!

Very Long Distance: It’s a strict rule in William Holden’s household—young Scott and West are never allowed to answer the telephone. But one day while Bill was in Salina, Kansas, making “Picnic,” the boys were alone in the house. The phone rang and rang. When Scott took it off the hook and Bill heard his son’s voice, he sternly ordered: “Go get your mother—at once!” Ten minutes passed while Bill hung on. “Good grief, where were you!” he exploded when Ardis Holden finally answered. “Down at the corner market,” said his wife—and then they started to roar!

Miracle Man: The great personality change in Marlon Brando has influenced other introverted stars to seek out psychiatry. Today the mighty Marlon is uninhibited, relaxed and very much in tune with his fellow men. At producer Sam Goldwyn’s press party for his “Guys and Dolls,” Marlon played the bongo drums and mingled to his heart’s content. And this we specially love! Every unattached glamour gal was dying to be with the one and only. But Marlon’s best girl was his great aunt, June Beachley, who had a fine time.

The Truth Is: Lush, lovely Kim Novak went into “Picnic” with a heavy heart. She knew Josh Logan (he directed the stage version, too) thought she was too inexperienced and tried to keep her out of the picture. The studio insisted, however, and poor Kim has had to battle every single second to convince the disciplinarian director she can act—and she did! . . . His studio is taking no chances since Robert Wagner’s recent pneumonia siege. Following his third hospitalization in a year, Bob’s now heavily insured against holding up future production . . . And whoever thought a studio would complain about a star getting too much publicity! This is the way M-G-M feels about the on-again off-again marriage plans of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. Too much critical fan mail perhaps?

Hollywood After Dark: There was no reason for those raised eyebrows when Jean Simmons arrived with Frank Sinatra to see Deborah Kerr’s opening of “Tea and Sympathy” at the downtown Biltmore Theatre. Stewart Granger, still out of the country for “Bhowani Junction,” thoroughly approves of his good friend escorting his adored wife . . . Recluse Jeff Hunter is finally finding solace with Mona Freeman’s best friend, Beverly Stoner, daughter of a Sunset Strip haberdasher. Bev’s been married before and has two kiddies. Jeff worships his son, Chris. So these two have much in common . . . An unexpected TV show interrupted Gene Nelson’s last- minute shopping for that trip to make a movie in Europe, so Piper Laurie devoted a day to doing it for him . . . And Pat Crowley’s first date with George Nader was strictly one of those publicity things. It led to a second which wasn’t!

Just for Laughs: Incomparable James Dean making “Giant” in Marfa, Texas, knows all the answers. “How do you like being compared to Marlon Brando?” asked a reporter who had flown down all the way from New York. Jimmy countered: “How do you like being compared to Walter Winchell?” No answer.

Getting to Know You: Do opposites attract? They do when they’re Marilyn Monroe and Shelley Winters. These delightful dolls met in director Elia Kazan’s acting school, and shy, insecure Marilyn is learning some tricks of the movie trade from forceful, forthright Shelley! . . . When Lauren Bacall baby sits, Bogey stags with Frank Sinatra to Hollywood parties, but that’s all right with baby—she and Bogey spend their days together—they’re co-starring in “Melville Goodwin, U.S.A.”

Did You Know: It’s in Elizabeth Taylor’s contract! Whenever she’s on location the studio pays for her long-distance phone calls to her children . . . Tab Hunter, who’s making time payments on everything for his new unfurnished apartment, went way over his head. Result, it leaves him less than $5 a week to eat. Dinner invitations, anyone?




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