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New spring fashions spotlight the crisp, uncluttered look from top to toe, with sharp color accents adding a final touch of glamour



Pat Crowley, our star in color, frames her pretty face with a fireman red; chalk-straw bonnet, teamed with navy velvet binding and veil. $6.95. By Dani. The perfect complement to her hat: a navy alpaca sheath dress, important white cowl collar. 7-15. $35. By Judy ’N Jill. Washable calf bag in red, tan, parchment. $11. By Jana. White cotton gloves, red studs. $5.95. By Grandoe. Chalk necklace, earrings, bracelet. $1 ea. By Coro.

Gloria DeHaven, wears the new forward and level, fresh-looking “sissy” sailor. Smooth, white alpaca straw romantically contrasts the rich, red velvet band and perky feather trim. Also comes in beige, red, navy, black or brown. $7.95. By Colby. Her double-woven cotton shorties, are accented with shiny jet star motif on a turned-down cuff. White or black with the jet trim. $3.95. By Grandoe. Pearl jewelry by Deltah.

Pert Phyllis Kirk wears a pink “candy-braid” straw shell as her favorite spring chapeau. Its trim, velvet piping matches the tubing bow in back. This small and saucy silhouette is pretty both coming and going. Featured here in new porcelain colors, white, ice-blue, beige. $5.95. By Gage. Slim, elegant, hand-sewn cotton shorties gaily embellished with pearls and eyelets. White, black. $3.50. Grandoe.

Donna Reed is frivolous, fashionable and pretty in her wafer-flat straw pillbox, garnished with a delicate wreath of forget-me-nots to reflect her feminine charm. Your crowning touch to spring suits now and summer to come. White, pink, red, navy, black. $7.95. By Betmar. Her gloves are soft, feather-weight nylon that set new speed record for drying. White, beige, pink, exciting-red. navy. $2.50. By Kayser. Pearls by Deltah.

Glamorous Ann Miller favors a hand-crocheted, cordé pillbox, with a gay side tassel, that is as bright as a new tune. As versatile a hat as you can find—young and carefree when worn off the face, sophisticated and smart when pitched forward. $6:95. Red, white, pink, beige, navy. By Veaumont. White, double-woven cotton glove. Hand-sewn, flower cluster appliques. $3. Kays



Gloria DeHaven models slim houndstooth check wool dress, new widespread Irish linen collar. Black, brown or navy with white. 10-18. $40. By Nathan & Strong.

Phyllis Kirk selects a geometric print for her ensemble. Wool jersey jacket has matching print lining. Cocoa print with red jacket. 7-15. $17.95. By Jonathan Logan.



Donna Reed appears in superbly simple suit of rayon linen. Fitted, has smoked pearl buttons. Navy, black, beige, pink. 7-15. $25. By Braetan Juniors. Over it, a pyramid, double-breasted fleece coat, butter soft, so easy to wear. Pink, beige, light blue. $50. By Leeds.

For luxury unlimited, an all washable 3-piece costume as worn by Ann Miller. The orlon jacket leads a double life with other outfits, while polka-dot nylon blouse matches jacket lining. Jacket in white, pink, light blue. Pencil slim skirt, navy only. 8-16. $50. By Leeds.



Here is Photoplay’s lucky winner, Mrs. Maria Farina, Baltimore, Md.

Mrs. Farina is pictured above wearing the lovely fashions awarded her as winner of the “Fashions For Free” contest announced in December. She likes “the Photoplay Star Fashion section because the clothes are smart, exquisite, and priced just right to make it possible to purchase . . .” Her prize-winning costume by courtesy of: Coat by Judy Nell; skirt and blouse by McArthur Ltd.; shoes and bag by Town & Country; Dawnelle gloves; Fashion Craft belt.



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