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Hollywood Party Line

THIS WAS THE MONTH that Sinatra went social in a large way! And when Frankie-boy busts out with the entertaining, he doesn’t spare the money nor the charm! First off, he chartered a private plane and flew a passel of pals up to the Desert Inn at Las Vegas to hear Noel Coward. Then, few nights later, when Judy Garland broke in her wonderful stage show with a charity performance in Long Beach (she’s touring with the show now), Frank chartered a big bus and barged down there with it full of chums and served ’em champagne along the way. Among his passengers were Debbie and Eddie; June Allyson and Dick Powell, Jimmy van Heusen; the Van Johnsons; Sammy Davis, Jr.; Bogey and Lauren Bacall; David Wayne; Leslie Caron; the Dean Martins. During Judy’s singing, Van Johnson and lots of others just plain burst out crying from sheer sentiment. And afterward, Frankie, Bogey, Van, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin leaped onto the stage, did some fancy clowning and covered Judy with flowers and kisses. Quick fashion notes include the skintight red dress on Lauren Bacall; Debbie in blue lace, and Eddie Fisher wearing yellow pants so bright they could be seen for miles. Later, they bundled Judy up, red scuffies and all, and the whole crowd bussed back to Hollywood to a private party that lasted till dawn.

Precisely a week later, Sinatra took “ over one of the private ballrooms at Romanoff’s and tossed a black-tie dinner dance, seating some sixty guests and welcoming about twenty more around midnight. The small hot music combos furnished the dance tunes for such as the Dean Martins; the Bill Goetzes; Noel Coward; Jean Simmons; the Dick Powells; the Groucho Marxes; the David Nivens; the Reggie Gardiners and the Bogarts (Lauren was in bright blue and gobs of rhinestone jewelry).

Frankie, who stagged it to his own soiree, went alone to the annual party of the Dean Martins. Dean and Jean don’t throw ’em often, but when they do, it’s a whopper. This time they had “three hundred of their most intimate friends” dining, wining and dancing. Gary Cooper stagged it, too. Doris Day (in white) and Marty Melcher, fresh home from England, were there, Also the Jack Warners; the Alan Ladds; Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (before heading for Europe) ; Ginger Rogers and Jacques Bergerac; the Dick Stabiles; the Jeff Chandlers. No, kiddies, Jerry Lewis and his Patti were not present. Cute invitations to Martin’s bash said, “RSVP—and if you’re accepting be sure to ask for Jean or Dean, not Cyd or Tony!”

The preem of “Not as a Stranger”—and Stanley Kramer’s supper party at The Crystal Room of the Bev. Hills Hotel later—brought forth lots of the glamour crowd. Jeanne Crain showed up in a red and white polka-dot evening gown; Lucy Ball on the arm of Desi Arnaz, wore a shortish dress of flower print chiffon, topped by a white fox capelet. Rosemary Bowe, in rose chiffon, with her steady, Bob Stack; the Aldo Rays; Anita Ekberg with Jeff Richards; the Dick Andersons; the Kirk Douglases; Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace.

Bulbs flashed like crazy at Anita Ekberg, too. She was slinkily done up in a form-fitting, almost backless long black dress, long white gloves, long white mink stole and almost invisible black sandals.

A group of starlets and stars turned out to help Jane Russell make a charity show at the Turnabout Theatre in Hollywood a success. The funds went to Jane’s pet project, WAIF. Marl, English, Rita Moreno, Laura Elliott and Mala Powers acted as usherettes.

When “Sincerely Yours” wound up, Liberace tossed a party at the studio| for almost two hundred friends, cast, crew and family. And y’know who? Liberace’s Momma, plus his brother George and the family cook, prepared the entire feast (including 600 mea balls to go into the spaghetti and many other dishes besides) for the mob! The set was decorated with thousands of white and red carnations; one bi floral piece spelled out “Sincerely Yours” and the napkins had “Sincerely Yours” stamped on ’em, too. A hired string quartet played. most of the evening, but, later, Mr. L. (in a white tuxedo embroidered all over in bugle beads!) took to the piano for hours.

Anna Maria Alberghetti was guest of honor at a lovely cocktail-through-evening party we went to, given by tunesmith Jimmy McHugh on the spacious lawns of his Beverly Hills home. Anna Maria’s Ma, Pa, sister Carla and brother Paul were much in evidence. And so were those eyelashes of Anna’s! I told her they must be a mile long and she said it bothers her the way people are always asking if they’re false. They’re not!

Among other doings too numerous squeeze into this session was the Marge and Gower Champion and Harry Belafonte opening at the Greek Theatre “Three for Tonight.” And, of course, the magic of the Disneyland preview. What a ball Jeanne Crain and mate Paul Brinkman had with their four kids; Donna Reed and hers; Fran Sinatra and Frank, Jr.; Lana Turner, Lex Barker and son; Debbie and Eddie.




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