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That’s Hollywood For You

I saw Rock, Tab and Race standing together chatting at Warners . . . Bet Fess Parker got a shock when he read about the real Davy Crockett . . . Marlon Brando and Sam Goldwyn have genuine. affection for each other . . . Hollywood legend: That Gary Cooper is so shy that he can’t even ask for his huge salary . . . I always visit Shelley Winters on the set when she is making a movie and, personally, I’ve never found her to be temperamental—although I’ve watched her being temperamental Whatever happened to Gloria Grahame who used to be such a good, sexy actress? She’s in there pitching, but it’s not the same stuff . . . It’s not uncommon to see a photograph of a movie star in a producer’s office with the inscription: “I’ll always be grateful,” and knows that the star and the producer now aren’t even talking to each other . . . Boy, am I glad that Eva Marie Saint is finally coming to Hollywood to make another movie! . . . I sincerely hope Paramount doesn’t weaken about Shirley MacLaine and takes care to give her the right and important roles . . . Now for the $64,000 question: Why can’t Marilyn Monroe and 20th make up and make movies? . . . Esther Williams said it: “Glamour is something that evaporates when the sweater is a little too large.”

Piper Laurie said it: “A few months ago I was very much in love with David. Now we’re just friends. Funny, how changeable men are.”

I’m waiting for Liz Taylor to sit on the set watching her child act, as Liz’ mother did with her . . . Cary Grant is back on the screen and I’m glad . . . The line used to read: “Come up to my apartment and see my etchings.” Cornball! Jimmy Dean now says to the dolls: “I’ll be over to your apartment and help you with the scene.” . . . All the interviews to the contrary, I believe John Wayne believes he is an accomplished actor . . . I can’t visualize a blond as anything but a blond, although I know they are not blonds… James Cagney renewed my faith in talent triumphing . . . The movies continue on a lady kick and will sign almost any actress who looks as if she had breeding and is aristocratic . . . The latest is Dana Wynter, who may photograph like a lady but is really a good sport . . . The three popular types of actresses are: blond and sexy like Marilyn; dignified and cool like Kelly; Pixielike, like Carol Haney—especially featuring the haircut . . . However, regardless of the popularity of the lady kick, Doris Day tossed away being sweet and wholesome (“Love Me or Leave Me”) and scored a big hit . . . You figure the movies; horses are easier, I assure you . . . My good friend Mike Curtiz talking to a new actor: “Marlon Brando looks like you, only more so.”

Rhonda Fleming always seems to be on the edge of hitting it big. You can add Jean Peters to this category . . . Hollywood legend: That Bob Hope is so funny around the house, Mrs. Hope asks him to take a little trip so she can stop laughing . . . Not since Simone Simon has any actress been given the build-up before a released picture that Carol Ohmart has received. Please don’t make me explain who Simone Simon was . . . Tom Jenk claims a movie star is just a plain girl who is known to be beautiful.

I wish Kay Spreckels and Clark Gable only the best as Mr. and Mrs. They’re one of the nicest couples I know . . . Mitzi Gaynor says she found out two can live as cheap as one, but it costs them twice as much. That’s Hollywood for You.




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