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Morgan 4/4, 2009


4/4 The embodiment of Morgan tradition, the 4/4 was first produced in 1936, and some say it is the car with the word’s longest production run. Customers know precisely what to expect from the car and a new model is always an instant classic. A wood-framed body with flowing mudguards and cutaway doors is mounted on a separate chassis, and Morgans with V8 engines can go very fast. However, for a more authentic period feel, the 4/4, with its 1,595 cc Ford engine, although still rapid, is a more leisurely proposition.

Engine1,595cc, straight-four
Top speed115 mph (185 km/h)

The 4/4, which means four wheels and four cylinders, employs the latest Sigma series engine from Ford, producing 125 bhp.

Morgan Three-wheeler, 2011


Three-wheeler Morgan built its famous three-wheelers from 1910 to around 1946 (the last ones were assembled from parts in 1953), so a modern reinterpretation of the design was big news when it launched in 2011. With the engine fully exposed at the front of the car, and its explosive cylinders banging away, the driving experience feels more like a form of flight along the road.

Engine1,983 cc V-twin
Top speed115 mph (185 km/h)

At 1,157 lb (525 kg), the three-wheele’s exemplary power to weight ratio gives maximum power for minimum revs. It is built for driving pleasure.


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