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Beauties of the Night: Jane Powell has one answer to all inquiries about marriage plans with Pat Nerney. “Ask me in August”—which is when her divorce is final. But Janie, who learned a lesson from talking too much about her short-lived romance with Gene Nelson, still shares all dates with Pat Nerney only . . . Young son Christopher’s safe and sound when Barbara Rush and Jeff Hunter go out for an evening. And Barbara’s mother who lives with them, continues guard duty while the actress is in Ireland making “Captain Lightfoot” with Rock Hudson. Looks like disappointed Jeff’s completely recovered from losing “Prince Valiant” to good friend Bob Wagner. New term deal at 20th rates him huge hike in salary . . . It’s a standing date every opening night of the light opera season for music lovers Debbie Reynolds and Bill Shirley. He’s the sensational singing voice of Prince Charming in Walt Disney’s CinemaScope cartoon, “Sleeping Beauty.” Before meeting Bill, Debbie sent him a fan letter after hearing his songs on radio . . . Virginia Mayo and Mike O’Shea refer to Sarah Young as, “The nurse who came to dinner!” Originally hired for two weeks, she became so attached to now nine-months-old Mary Catherine, she just stayed on and on! Next to loving parties and pretty party dresses herself, Ginny loves to put ruffled panties on her daughter to make her feel like she’s stepping out too! . . . Three-year-old Romina Francesca and one-year-old Taryn Stephanie are “shot” each month by Tyrone Power for a permanent film library on his daughters. Columbia’s “Long Grey Line,” incidentally, fulfills Ty’s great ambition to be directed by realistic John Ford . . . “No more separations from my children,” declares devoted Jeanne Crain, who made a recent movie in Africa. And while we’re with Jeanne, her short-cropped bright red hair and sophisticated wardrobe just fools fans and they fail to recognize her in person. At U-I where she has a new three-picture deal, they plan to present Jeanne as a mature, interesting young woman, which she is—rather than a Hollywood sexpot, which she definitely isn’t!

Lady In The Dark: The most beautiful expectant mother in Hollywood looked bewildered. “Now what could possibly be wrong in your perfect life?” inquired nosey Cal. Ann Blyth smiled wistfully. “I guess life isn’t perfect for anyone. I just read the script of ‘Marco Polo’ which Leo McCarey directs next September in Spain. It’s so beautiful and he wants me to play the Chinese princess. But I’d have to give up my Las Vegas singing engagement, be separated from my husband and I couldn’t leave my baby who will be born by then. What do you think I should do?” Said Cal cryptically: “Shoot me for asking!”

New Twos: Leave it to Terry Moore who has a direct line into Dan Cupid! She had the first date with handsome ex-baseball player, Bud Pennell, who signed a long-term contract with Paramount after making a terrific test . . . And Lori Nelson and Bob Kenaston have been running off old Billie Dove movies in the projection room—with good reason too. Neither Bob nor Lori was born when his mother was a famous silent-screen star. So that’s why they get such a kick out of seeing beautiful Billie on the screen . . . No, it isn’t a “hot romance” between handsome Richard Egan and Marisa Pavan, as her personal publicist insists. They are friends and they do date. But since Shelley Winters returned from Europe and is about to divorce Vittorio Gassman, she and rugged Richard have been enjoying laughs and life too! . . . It’s a far cry from Piper Laurie to Joan Crawford, but George Nader’s managing to date both lovely ladies—not at the same time! George, by the way, has a new U-I contract and the studio has high hopes for him.

Life Begins: Remember back in “South Pacific” when Ezio Pinza opened up a whole new world for middle-aged lovers? Well, now it’s Jeff Chandler who’s blazing the trail for gray-haired men. He’s received thousands of thank-you letters from grateful compatriots who tell him their “snow caps” are no longer considered a handicap when pursuing the opposite sex. Of course Jeff’s pleased and very amused! Still in his middle thirties, he’s been prematurely gray since his teens. And speaking of Jeff, since their divorce, he and Marge are even better friends than they were before.

Inside Hollywood: Aly Khan talking to the Ray Millands at the Gary Cooper party: “Be sure and look me up when you get to Paris. I’d love to show you the city.” Gene Tierney, sitting beside Aly: “Yes, be sure and look us up when you get to Paris, we’d love to show you the city.” Well, does that answer the million-dollar marriage question—or not?

Just Between Us: Terry Moore’s now watching for those dangerous curves ahead and placed herself in the hands of Hollywood’s favorite masseuse . . . And here’s a real switcheroo. After years of trying to reduce, Judy Garland’s now underweight—but she’s never looked better! . . . Considering the spot he was in, Bob Mitchum’s being doggone tolerant of the Italian actress who pulled a fast strip-tease, just as a cameraman snapped their picture. “Everyone’s trying to get ahead,” Bob laments laconically. “I suppose she figured this was the best way to do it.”

True Confession: Only the inimitable Humphrey Bogart would tell this story, which he did to the lunch crowd at Romanoff’s. It seems he was standing in line, waiting to have his luggage checked at Customs. “They finally got around to me,” grinned Bogey. “First the fellow looked at my face and then my passport. As he returned it to me, he cryptically cracked that he was a great fan of mine but if I ever made another picture like ‘Beat the Devil’ he’d never let me back in the country!”

Studio Scuttlebutt: M-G-M made a mint loaning Janet Leigh to other studios, which is why she’s so excited about securing a release from her contract. “Now I can make more pictures with Tony,” beams Janet, “and still keep all that magnificent moola myself!” . . . Director William Wellman tells everybody that Doe Avedon’s test for “The High and the Mighty” was the most stimulating he’s directed in many years. Since the preview of this marvelous movie, every studio is trying to sign this exciting New York actress . . . And while we’re witnessing exciting performances, Tab Hunter’s love scenes with Dorothy Malone in “Battle Cry” didn’t get by the Breen office. When the studio told him he’d have to do retakes, Tab almost suffered from shock!

Change Of Heart: Rhonda Fleming’s unexpected decision to reconcile with Dr. Lew Morrill unleashed those typical Hollywood rumors. But Cal believes the beautiful redhead realized how much the good doctor meant to her after his fall when he broke his leg in three places . . .

And the Gene Nelsons finally arrived at a definite decision—not to reconcile! According to her close friends, Miriam Nelson confides their same problems still exist, so why take chances?



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