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    Happiest Time Of her Life

    Jane and Geary plan to call their baby Geary Steffen III, if a boy; Susan Eileen, if a girl. Jane’s next picture, which was made last winter, is “Rich, Young and Pretty”

    Janie used time she waited for her first baby as a happy holiday, did all the things she’s always wanted to do—gardened, kept house, took singing lessons

    Suburban housewife Jane has a list of things for Geary to do! As a lady in waiting, Jane wore smocks in solid colors, Paisley prints Photographs by Bob Willougb by

    A wood-grained paper went by the board—white, red, turquoise is nursery color scheme

    No breakfasting alone for Geary—Janie’s always up to see him off. Light and cheery, breakfast room’s big windows display her collection of glass, figurines


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JULY 1951

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