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    Who Am I?


    1- I won an Oscar in 1943 for my first film.

    2- I was born in Missouri and grew up with this comic face.

    3- I am a movie queen and was a real-life princess.

    4- I’m (bot. left) a dancer, comedian and a mule’s co-star.

    5- When I was in the Navy in 1916 I had hair!

    6- A title, “Miss Subways,” rode me to Hollywood and TV.

    7- I came to Hollywood from Broadway. Lately I’ve done some high-flying in an old car.

    8- I was discovered in college, starred in “Golden Boy” and haven’t been out of work since.

    9- I’m on the bottom here, but became a top singer. And have I had troubles!

    10- I started to be a doctor but turned actor.

    11- I danced where Salome once danced.

    12- I was famous as a thin, suave private eye in movies.

    WHO AM I?

    1- Jennifer Jones

    2- Jack Oakie

    3- Rita Hayworth

    4- Donald O’Connor

    5- Jack Benny

    6- Mona Freeman

    7- Fred MacMurray

    8- Bill Holden

    9- Judy Garland

    10- Gregory Peck

    11- Yvonne De Carlo

    12- William Powell


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1963

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