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Under Hedda’s Hat

I was horrified when Princess Yasmin Khan, daughter of Aly and Rita Hayworth, showed up in a Sunset strip night club—with Pamela Mason—and was hypnotized by Pat Collins. Yasmin did nothing to be ashamed of under hypnosis, she showed anger, delight, fear and did a ballet dance. But that this child was permitted to take part in a public exhibition is just too much. I’m sure you all remember those lovely photographs of Yasmin with her father when she was learning to ride and handle a pony cart in France. Aly adored her, but for the last years of his life, Rita didn’t permit her to go to France and visit him. But he came here several times a year and our toy stores were always richer when he left.

Above: No, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Curtis (or should I call her Christine Kaufmann?) have not taken to drink—they’re just making like wine tasters for their film, “Monsieur Cognac.” Back from their trip to the Russian Film Festival, the Curtises went back to their cloistered life. Christine long ago told the world she’d give up her career to be Tony’s woman. Well, I always knew she was a smart little girl, and that statement proves it! Now, isn’t it time for a baby?

Omar Sharif took a house here for six months and will divide his year between Hollywood and Europe. He and his wife are the number one stars of all the Arab countries.

Everyone’s delighted that Rosemary Clooney and Jose Ferrer reconciled, because they have five lovely children. They just got in under the wire. Their California divorce decree was to become final in a few days.

Above: Nat “King” Cole and his lovely wife add to any affair hey attend. He’s such a great performer—I’ve never heard him sing a bad note! Not ever!

Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret may not be in love, but they’re sure giving a good imitation of it—on and off the screen. That picture of them—with his head in her lap—is very appealing. Elvis says she’s really got magnetism; Annie says, “He’s wonderful.” Even Colonel Parker, who refuses to discuss his boy’s private life, admits that Elvis had the time of his life making “Viva Las Vegas.”

Above: Shelley Fabares and Lou Adler are still a steady duo. I understand she’s not as career-conscious as she used to be. Could it be she has marriage on her pretty mind?

Gilbert Roland was in seventh heaven when his two beautiful daughters by Constance Bennett came from New York to visit him. One is twenty-three, the other twenty-one. He took them to their first bull fight in Tijuana, to Disneyland, Marineland and all the fine restaurants. He introduced them to his friends (which are legion), and then flew them on the inaugural flight of the Iberia Airlines to Madrid and Majorca. Gil, like Cary Grant, never grows old. Gil also told me Connie still has her leg in a cast from that ski accident over in Switzerland.

Above: Here’s how Audrey Hepburn will look as “My Fair Lady”—Liza Doolittle. She looks the spittin’ image of Julie Andrews—doesn’t she? Don’t believe that Audrey will do her own singing in the film. She has a nice voice, but she’s smart enough to know it’s not quite the voice for the role.

Barbara Hutton’s son Lance Reventlow and Sharon Pringle had a narrow escape when the sports car he was driving went out of control on Mulholland Drive and plunged down a steep incline. Both were thrown out before the car hit the bottom of the ravine. Jill St. John was the only visitor allowed to see him during his convalescence. This accident should keep him out of racing cars for some time to come—but—it probably won’t.

Vince Edwards is almost as skillful at skirting the girl question as he is at surgery. I asked about Sherry Nelson and he said, “We’re in a state of thinking about it.”

“What you mean,” said I, “is that Sherry’s in a state of shock because you’re dating some other beauties.”

“I’ve been doing that for years. Frankly, I’m married to Stage 8 at Desilu.”

Below: Joan Crawford is a star and will be a star when she’s ninety-nine. Who else looks, acts and talks as she does.

Frank Sinatra told me he’d taken up golf because “I ran out of girls.” Dean Martin chimed in with, “Yeah, he ran out of girls but wanted to keep swinging.” If you believe that it was a female shortage that sent Frank to the links, you’ll believe anything. Golf has calmed him down. He no longer walks the floor at night—he sleeps. He’s so tired he has to. And he has more irons in the fire than in the golf bag. He and Jack Warner are partners in so many ventures, I can’t keep track of them.

Above: Rex Harrison still has a promise to keep to his talented wife, Rachel Roberts. He promised he’d drive her across country so she could see the States. They planned to drive out to Hollywood, but at the last minute they had to fly. Now Rachel is hoping they can at least drive back to New York en route home to England and Italy.

Above : George Maharis hit town to plug his records and made a beeline to Tuesday Weld. When I asked about his romance with his manager Mimi Weber, he said there was none, “We’re like brother and sister!”

Anita Ekberg was a bit huffy when I saw her on the “4 For Texas” set. She didn’t care for something I’d written about her new husband Rick von Nutter, but she soon simmered down. “You didn’t waste much time getting him to the altar,” I said.

“Why waste time?” said Anita. “You find what you want—you grab it. I don’t want to lose him.”

She says she couldn’t live anywhere except Italy which is why she’s building a house there.

Among all of Candy Bergen’s many beaus, the one she seems to prefer is Peter Mann. Pete is playing a disciple in “The Greatest Story,” and wouldn’t come to a party for Bette Davis’ daughter BD and her fiance Jeremy Hyman until he’d shaved off the whiskers he grew for the role. Many handsome sons of famous actors were there, too. David Niven, Jr. (he’s a darling). Ray Milland’s son Danny, who’s six-feet-five, brought his sister. Bette’s eleven-year-old son Michael danced the twist with all the girls until he was so exhausted Bette had to take him home and put him to bed.

Below: Hayley Mills charms everyone (including me!) on the set of every film. Even her co-stars love her and forgive her when she steals the picture from under their noses. She did just that to her father in “Tiger Bay,” and I hear she does it again in “Chalk Garden.” But the nicest part of all is that she’s still unspoiled.

When Bing Crosby heard that Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Joey Bishop, Bob Hope, George Burns, Georgie Jessel, Art Linkletter, Groucho Marx, Phil Silvers, Jimmy Stewart and Danny Thomas were recording an album titled “My Favorite Story” with all profits going to the Motion Picture Relief Fund, he phoned Bill Smith of 20th, who put the deal together, and said: “I want in.” And so he’ll be the emcee and either sing an introduction or talk one about each of the stars. These records should make about $300,000 for the MPR Fund.

Mike Todd once said, “I may not be a millionaire but I’ve always lived like one.” Gene Barry took a leaf from Mike’s book, bought a $250,000 home in Beverly (next to Debbie Reynolds) and a thirty-six-foot cabin cruiser. “When you’re poor, you’re told to appreciate the simple things in life,” said Gene. “Well, I’ve learned that in order to enjoy the simple things, you need financing.”

Four of Hollywood’s biggest all-time glamour girls are candidates for Alcoholics Anonymous—but they haven’t joined yet. And all but one is husbandless.

Olivia De Havilland had no comment on the rumors about her marriage to Pierre Galante, and her attachment to Luther Davis. She just boarded a jet to Paris. Her son Benjamin went home a few days before. It was the only way Livvy could get him away from American television. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the day he ordered waffles for breakfast, went into the sitting room, turned off the air conditioning, closed the drapes, put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign and settled down in front of the set. He was so fascinated by the program, he spilled maple syrup all over himself. A few hours later his mama had Benjy Paris-bound.

Arthur Godfrey, the greatest salesman since Barnum, did so much for Warners that they invited him out for a scene in “4 For Texas.” They gave him the royal treatment. When he entered a huge stage-dressing room, he found a luscious female, wearing a low-cut gown, reclining on a sofa. Next came a steady stream of helpers from wardrobe, make-up and the press to offer their services. And then they gave Arthur one line to speak. Next time they send for him, it had better be for a good part—or they’ll have me to deal with, that’s who.

When John Wayne reached Madrid, Spain, things began to pop. He didn’t like the script of “Circus,” so they changed writers and director and got a new cast. David Niven bowed out (but got paid his entire salary), and Rod Taylor stepped in. Rita Hayworth was signed to play a trapeze artist, and Joe Cotten, a ringmaster. Joe’s wife, Pat Medina, was delighted—her father is Spanish. Even though he’s lived in England for years, he still speaks with an accent.

Cary Grant’s mother is the only girl in his life at present. When he visited her in Bristol, England, they had a gay old time motoring through a countryside, dining and entertaining his cousins at tea. “She’s wonderful,” says Cary. “She’s eighty-six, refuses to be waited on and lives alone. And, Hedda, she has more pep than I have.”

Fess Parker always lands in a pool of money. He thought the “Davy Crockett” shows were dead, but Disney revived them. All the kids who’d thrown out their coonskin caps had to go out and buy new ones.

Dan O’Herlihy’s pals were dancing in the streets of Dublin when they found his TV show had been sold in England, Scotland and Ireland. They stopped celebrating when they found out he plays a Scotsman.

Cliff Robertson’s making all the columns with Anne Lupton, divorced wife of actor John, but I hear his heart is with somebody much more prominent. Cliff’s cagey, so who knows? Besides, he’s got to preserve his JFK image now, doesn’t he!

There was no big blow up between Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty, the flame just flickered out. She still sees a lot of Arthur Loew, Jr. He’s bright, has no overpowering problems and is terribly good for her.

That’s all the news for now. I’ll write more next month.



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