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    Mary R. De Nunzio: “My Friends Tell Me I’ve Captured The Real Elvis In My Painting”

    “Elvis has that magic something that spells a great performer,” wrote Mary R. De Nunzio of Plainville, Conn. “My friends tell me I’ve captured the real Elvis in my painting. What do you think?” A look at the small photograph enclosed impressed us, and we asked Mary to send the original. One morning it arrived. We were excited, and we wanted you to see it, too! It’s all the more amazing because Mary is not a professional artist, but paints as a hobby. Says she, “I studied a number of photographs, but the painting is original. Because Elvis is a controversial figure, I chose a stormy background. As an ardent Presley fan, I hope his critics will one day accept him for what he really is—a terrific singer, a fine actor and a handsome fellow whom I believe to be a good-hearted, sincere, God-loving young man.”



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