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    The Birds And The Bees—Mitzi Gaynor

    Well, here he is. Here is TV’s fair-haired boy George Gobel, one of the freshest personalities to reach show business in many a long year. And here’s an enchanting Paramount movie called “The Birds and the Bees,” with music, VistaVision, Technicolor and Mitzi Gaynor to...

    Exclusively Yours

    Dateline Europe— Brandishing at Brando: When Marlon Brando scalded himself with a hot cup of tea in the cocktail bar of the “Prince de Galles” in Paris, while on location for “The the Hollywood gagsters immediately quipped, “Now they’ll retitle the film ‘Teahouse of the August Young...

    Lauren Bacall: “It Isn’t Easy To Kill A Memory”

    High above the traffic's muffled roar, in a New York City apartment, it was past midnight, yet a light still burned low from a window overlooking Central Park. Voices could be heard coming from the library, but the room was empty except for a slim...