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    Sandra Dee: “Read, At Your Own, Risk!”

    She sits hugging her knees, for a minute, and then she changes, digs her feet deeper into the sand and laughs. Her poodle looks up, startled. She seems younger than she is. She looks thirteen. It’s because she doesn’t usually wear makeup when she’s loafing,...

    That’s Hollywood For You

    I prefer to see Marlon Brando as Marlon Brando instead of a great make-up job. as witness “Teahouse of the August Moon.” . . . By the way. Paul Newman looks and acts like Marlon when he’s shopping for groceries in the Thriftimart—and you know...

    Exclusively Yours

    Glad news and sad news—Debbie Reynolds as a wife, Tab Hunter as a star, Red Skelton as a father, Ingrid Bergman as a woman....