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    You Read It First In Vintage Paparazzi

    Foreign Awards: Anna Kashfi Brando was the most attractive woman of all at the Foreign Awards gala, wearing an exquisite white bouffant gown. She brought forth a faint gasp of “aaaah” from the sophisticated audience. And I could see she was trying hard not to show the strain of her divorce. When David Niven went up to accept his Best Actor award, there was a unanimous “hear, hear,” and a general good feeling that at last this gentleman of wit and talent had really been recognized.

    Dick’s first movie: On your mark, get set, ready to go, go, go to see Dick Clark’s first movie, “Cher Papa,” which he’ll make for United Artists. Dick has also formed his own unit, Drexel Productions, for future movies if “Papa” clicks. And who says it won’t . . .

    Watch for: Dean Jones, who is being transformed into an M-G-M singing, dancing, and acting star. Dean, a former Methodist minister, clicked like castanets all over Europe in his movie “Handle with Care” that searcely drew a ripple here. But watch Dean closely for the future . . . Cesare Danova in “The Man Who Understood Women.” Tall, dark and romantic, Cesare’s been waiting two years for this chance. And he’s made a fine job of it . . . Stephen Boyd who co-stars with Susan Hayward in “The Snow Birch.” And you’ll see him too as Messala in “Ben Hur.” Recently divorced by his English wife, Steve is the coming dreamboat and never let it be said I didn’t warn you.

    They’re Talking About: The exciting housewarming party Gary Crosby gave in his new hillside bungalow home which he bought from actor Kurt Kreuger. Guests explored everywhere—including the swimming pool! And it so happened that they had a double reason for celebrating. Tommy Sands was flying the next morning to Australia for a busy round of night-club engagements. (Yes, he’s even popular “down under.”) The home itself is an attractive one with huge glass windows overlooking the pool, a bar in the den, cozy chairs and comfortable couches in the living room—all compact and done in excellent taste. “I intend this house to be the sort you can live in—not only look at,” teased Gary as he watched his friends peer from room to room. “You know.” he added. “A homey sort of home.” . . . The way Rick Nelson is teased about all the different girls he takes out. “And why not,” says the indignant Rick. “A fellow’s only nineteen once in his life.” And I have to agree with Rick. “Anyway,” Rick told me, “there’s really only one rival my dates have to worry about—and that’s this.” He pointed to his guitar, and then embraced it playfully. “What about all I’ve been hearing about your driving?” I joked. remembering remarks I’d heard about the way he spins along some of the highways. “Well, its not really true at all,” he said quite seriously, inviting me for a drive. Scrambling for my bus, I called out, “I’m really quite convinced, Rick!”

    Twosome: Been seeing more and more of Sandra Dee out with Lindsay Crosby—but only on weekends. “My mother’s very strict about dates,” Sandra told me. “She always makes Lindsay promise to have me home by eleven.” Then Sandra cocked her head to one side, and, with a sort of spaniel look, said. “But someday, Miss Hamilton, I’ll be eighteen and then I’ll be able to go to parties and stay up much later.” “What does Lindsay think about it?” I asked. “Oh—he’s very good. He always gets me home on time,’ she said and then she added, “but maybe sometimes I wish he wouldn’t. It’s kind of early.”

    Troubles: John Saxon has been looking rather forlorn lately so I asked him what was wrong. “It’s my beard,” he sighed. “I’m so beard weary I have fights with myself not to shave it off. I had to have it for ‘The Big Fisherman’ and each time I’ve shaved it—I’ve had to grow it again for retakes.” But even though I assured him he looks good in a beard, he didn’t seem convinced. . . . Jerry Lewis has a problem too. It’s about the new baby (due in November). I really think he would like to have a girl this time. He’s got four boys! I do know that if the new baby is a girl, she’ll have a pretty pink wardrobe all ready for her. Jerry chose it with loving care right before Patti’s last trip to the hospital—just in case!

    What’s Happening: It’s been a month of distinguished vistors. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor came into Hollywood for a few days and created quite a stir. And then we had two Indian visitors—producer V. Shantaram and the lovely Indian star Sandhya who came here for the Sam Goldwyn Award for their film “Two Eyes, Two Hands.” There was something so wonderfully serene about them.

    It won’t be long before the return of Elvis Presley, and he’s certainly not been forgotten while he’s been away. There’s quite a line-up of work waiting for him—a movie for Hal Wallis, another for Twentieth Century-Fox and a third for M-G-M, to say nothing of personal appearances and TV guest shots . . .

    I admire the way Barry Coe and Edward Byrnes look after their fans. Barry, in addition to answering his monumental mail, gets out a monthly news sheet to his fan clubs. And Ed is so anxious to please, he has two full-time secretaries helping him sort and mail his letters.

    I lunched with Debbie just before she left for Spain and she kept the conversation away from Eddie and her personal problems except to say. “It’s all behind me now and I look forward to a happy, busy life.” Liz and Eddie have set the date for May and then will head for Europe. Debbie will be back home by then.

    The Good News People: James MacArthur, who dropped by to say goodbye to me before taking off for England and the movie, “Kidnapped,” is one of the best-mannered and most natural young men in the business. I’m sure his mother, Helen Hayes, and his bride Joyce think so, too. Joyce, who has been appearing on Broadway in “Tall Story,” goes with James to England and later to Jamaica for Walt Disney’s “Swiss Family Robinson” . . . Brad Dillman, winner of a Foreign Press Award for international stardom and the proud parent of two young Dillmans, is exactly the type you would like best to climb Mt. McKinley with. If you grew weary, Brad would probably get behind and push. He’s that gallant.

    It’s a Roman wedding for Ernest Borgnine and Katy Jurado. And a happy honeymoon in Capri for the beaming Katy and the slim trim groom who took off 35 pounds. Wish it could happen to your—Sara.

    Cal York’s Jottings: Fernando Lamas and his beautiful wife Arlene Dahl reconciled after a brief parting. The reunion came about when Fernando offered to help Arlene move into her new home and just stayed on himself. . . . Shirley MacLaine received several TV offers for herself and four year old daughter Sachie after their pictures appeared on a national magazine cover. So far, Shirley has refused them all. . . . Marlon Brando, who has been directing and acting in “One-Eyed Jacks” for months and months, has had it as a director. Marlon will stick to acting in the future. And that future includes Anna Magnani and Joanne Woodward in “Orpheus Descending.” . . . Replacements seem the order of the day with Lee Remickreplacing Lana Turner in “Anatomy of a Murder” and Jean Simmons taking over Sabina Bethman’s role in “Spartacus.” Lana’s walkout was due to a disagreement over her wardrobe with director Otto Preminger but no one is certain why the lovely German Sabina was ousted. . . . The death of Lou Costello, who brought happiness into thousands of lives, saddened Hollywood and the world that loved him. Lou, with his pixie-like charm, will be greatly missed. . . . Peter Lawford claims he receives five times the fan mail for his “Thin Man” role in the TV series than he did in movies. So Peter, who is Sinatra’s closest pal these days, is a mite skeptical about a movie return. Maybe Peter better stick to Thin Manning for a while longer. . . . Wishes do come true. Ask Barbara Stanwyck who sat week after week glued to her TV set fascinated by Robert Horton’s performance in “Wagon Train.” A friend told Robert of Barbara’s admiration—and the two have been dining and dating ever since. . . . The British press seems to have almost totally ignored Deborah Kerr when she went over to England to see her children. . . . Leslie Caron will have three weeks in Italy with her husband Peter Hall before beginning “For Each the Other.” . . . I hear Bob Wagner and Natalie Wood’s new home has a salt-water pool. . . . Reconciliation is expected soon for actor Jack

    Palance and his wife, Virginia. . . . I’m told that William Holden bought a hotel while out in Africa. . . . And everyone’s talking about the new twosome of Millie Perkins and Dean Stockwell who met recently while in San Francisco.


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JUNE 1959

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