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That’s Hollywood For You

I’d say Joan Crawford is the modern version of “Poor Little Rich Girl”—with poverty never having it so good. . . . Jean Simmons is as amusing as she is curved. . . . Peter Ustinov told me that nobody knows when he’s angry unless he tells them so—except Mrs. Ustinov. . . . After seeing “Room at the Top,” I’d pick Simone Signoret instead of B.B. So sue me. . . . Robert Mitchum’s Quotable Quote: “The worst thing for an actor is to get rich. It’s ruined far more actors than drink.” . . . Most girls who date Rick Nelson wind up dating Dave Nelson, and vice versa. . . . Of all the child actors, Mickey Rooney remains my favorite—because he’s the only one who didn’t grow up and outgrow me.

Bing Crosby can turn the collar around now. He’s done that role enough. . . . I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me, but I did hear Lawrence Welk call a musician a square. . . . Tuesday Weld doesn’t know she’s the domestic type. … Elvis Presley always puts on his right shoe before his left one. . . . Eddie Fisher’s Quotable Quote: “I had a dream last night that my marriage license expired.” . . . Girls tell me that George Nader has sex appeal; so I take their word for it. . . . Sal Mineo wears his own clothes and looks as if he’s in costume. . . . Dale Robertson looks like the type who’d enjoy a Dale Robertson TV show.

For a treat, get the album “Secret Songs for You Young Lovers,” featuring Andre Previn and David Rose. . . . I wish you could hear Judy Holliday’s tape recording of “Lush Life,” with composer Billy Strayhorn at the piano. . . . I believe folk singers sing long after most folks’ve had enough. . . . I’d hate to have to eat some of those meals I see prepared by heroines in pictures. .. . Tom Jenk was told by a TV producer, “We’re looking for an unknown actor with a name.”. . . Remember the days when a blonde could be flat-chested and be a movie star? I don’t.

My idea of a real heel is a guy who’d try to do Ann Blyth dirt, even in a movie. . . . Sometimes I wonder if Grace Kelly longs for those days before Cinderella turned into a Princess. . . . Tony Martin and Cyd Charisse are beginning to look like each other. It happens with married people. . . . Kim Novak’s Quotable Quote: “I choose my friends as I see them—not as others see them.” And That’s Hollywood For You.



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