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That’s Hollywood For You

I wonder if Grace Kelly knew she had so much S.A. for movie heroes before she started in pictures . . . Debbie Reynolds is a fooler. She giggles, appears demure but knows the score and is determined . . . I’m for the Zsa Zsa Gabor-Rubirosa romance (?) because I think they deserve each other . . . If it weren’t for Grauman’s Chinese, the Beachcomber, Musso-Franks and the Pickwick Bookshop, Hollywood Boulevard would be nothing . . . I’m tired of reading Mary Murphy used to wrap packages before she was an actress . . . Somehow I always find myself rooting for Frank Sinatra . . . Rock Hudson’s real name is Roy Fitzgerald, and what’s wrong with that?

“Women have a better break. It doesn’t matter whether they act or not.” John Wayne said it, and by the dough he’s shelling out, he knows what he’s talking about . . . I don’t object to pictures having a message if the picture and the message are good . . . Lauren Bacall should make another movie in which she tells a guy to go whistle for her . . . I’m waiting for them to give Charlotte Austin the chance in pictures she deserves.

My favorite character, Mike Curtiz, told Jean Simmons: “What’s the matter? You don’t believe a word I make up.” . . . Burt Lancaster is the only actor who combs his hair with his fingers . . . I like Joan Crawford much better with her shoes off . . . Liz Taylor and Michael Wilding met in a most unusual manner for Hollywood: They were introduced to each other . . . I wish Clark Gable and Jeff Chandler would get movies worthy of them. . What’s wrong with the movies? The most intelligent answer came from an unknown couple sitting behind me in a neighborhood theatre. During the trailer, she said: “Always is coming next week a good picture.”

I don’t buy Lana Turner when she has to be a lady on the screen . . . Most of the new movie heroes look alike to me. They are either Tony Curtis or Rory Calhoun, who is a tall Tony Curtis . . . Funny, but I never get tired of hearing Bing Crosby and Judy Garland sing. . . . Robert Taylor once told me: “The first thing I notice about a woman is her voice. If that’s pleasant, then I’ll notice her complexion and hair.” Must listen to Ursula.

Elaine Stewart always assumes a graceful pose, whether standing, sitting or lounging . . . I think it’s too long a wait between Gene Kelly musicals .. . There must be something to working as assistant to a movie dance director. First Gwen Verdon clicked in “Can-Can,” and now Carol Haney is a hit on Broadway in “The Pajama Game.” . . . “I never fight for a better dressing room. You can’t see it in a movie.” Deborah Kerr said it and believes it.

I question whether Audrey Hepburn will be as popular when she becomes a fine actress . . . Girls tell me Jerry Lewis has more S.A. than Dean Martin . . . Van Johnson is the biggest movie fan of all the movie stars. He’s apt to ask himself for an autograph . . . I goofed with Greta Garbo. Can’t get her to make another movie . . . Kirk Douglas prefers a shower to a bath because he likes the beat of the water on him.

While wandering through the wardrobe department at Fox, in the section where falsies are kept, I noticed this sign: “Our Definition of ‘Space Fiction.’ ” That’s Hollywood for you.



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