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Cars From The Jet Age

The 1950s were exciting times in the USA. Jets and space rockets fired the public imagination, and car manufacturers did their utmost to link their products with these new technologies in order to capitalize on the positive mood. The less-than-subtle placement of a fighter plane in the background of this 1956 Chrysler magazine advertisement emphasizes that these cars are at the forefront of developments in the modern jet age.


As the great marques of Detroit sought to outdo each other in terms of style and power, their publicity material often made questionable and exaggerated claims for new models. For Chrysler, its dramatic 1956 range spoke for itself, with its stunning color palette and bold “Forward Look” design. The text accompanying this advert simply asserted: “From jutting headlights to crisply upswept tail, this simple clean line says action! This is design that borrows from tomorrow.” The hint of a more rational future was almost lost at the end of the hyperbole: “Safety Seat Belts, if you wish.” However, for now the optimism could not help but be totally infectious.

A line-up of models from Chrysler’s various marques, including Chrysler itself, Dodge, DeSoto, Imperial, and Plymouth—plus a jet fighter aircraft—adorn this photograph from for a 1956 magazine advertisement.


It is a quote. The Classic Car Book – The Definitive Visual History 2016

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