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Siam By Streetcar And Sampan

“Who’d ever thought I’d get to visit this wonderful Technicolored country? Here I am posing for my Siamese friend Udom Yenrudi atop the Pagoda of Dawn with the watery city of Bangkok in the background. Temple or wat crawling is a favorite pastime for tourists. How do you like the shirt? I had several made. Some fun, eh wat?”

“Time off from ‘This Bitter Earth’ I spent rubbernecking from the stern of a sampan or the front end of an open-air streetcar. Those floating taxis were great for getting around the city, called the ‘Venice of the East.’ Everybody’s your friend in Siam—including the pigeons.”

“Life for the Buddhist monk is not all meditation. This monk wanted me to join him in a badminton game. To enter the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in the background, you must take off your shoes. Seemed like a great idea!


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