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    Pin Ups Of 1952

    Which are the favorite curves and curls

    In this year’s garden of Pin-up girls?

    Well—no one’s taken a Gallup Poll.

    And the sum above may be not the whole,

    But we have balloted many a man, Sirs,

    And here are the four bewitching answers.

    It can’t be all in the point of view,

    For look at the facts—and the figgers, too!

    Virginia Mayo, of “She’s Working Her Way Through College,” is 5, weighs 118 pounds; bust 34; waist 24; hips 34

    Ava Gardner, of “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman,” is 5, weighs 118 pounds; bust 37; waist 22; hips 37

    Mona Freeman, of “Darling, How Could You!” is 5, weighs 110 pounds,- bust 33; waist 23; hips 33

    Monica Lewis, of “The Strip,” is 5 3, weighs 110 pounds; bust 36; waist 24; hips 36

    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE JANUARY 1952

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