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This is it: how to look stunning in the sun. Secret? A swimsuit that’s new . . . exciting . . . and fits like a dream. This summer, anyone can look like a movie mermaid. Now there are suits (from $3 up!) that are miracles of fit and allure.

New suits have built-in secrets to give them that mermaid fit. One has a real, built-in girdle. Another, a separate Lastex pantie. Some have their own body-beautiful bras. Many do it with strong, light-weight Lastex; shirred, elasticized cotton; intricate panels to mold you in the right places. All the new silhouettes are good—and great for your figure!

Here, some of Hollywood’s loveliest lassies show you how to improve your place in the sun!

Curvy Terry Moore, in 20th’s “Man on a Tightrope,” shows off (and vice versa!) shirred, elasticized cotton Jantzen suit, in Wavy Rhythm print. 32-40, under $9. Jewelry by Mosell

Corinne Calvet, in a lo-o-ng, lazy stretch, shows you one new way: Rose Marie Reid’s exciting, vivid-toned two-piece Lastex suit with contrasting floral trim. 10-16, under $18. Her thong sandals, U.S. Rubber. She’s just made Twentieth’s “Dangerous Crossing”

Ready to ride the surf, Ursula adds an exotic petal cap by Kleinert

Just to prove mermaids can look angelic too, gorgeous Ursula Thiess (RKO’s “Son of Sinbad”) shows the hourglass suit in sweet Dutch print cotton, by Brilliant, 32-38, under $8. Sea-shell jewels by Ruby

Ze French Calvet, now a mermaid in typical American style: trim and slimming suit with little-boy shorts in Cone multi-striped, water-loving denim; own patent belt. Rose Marie Reid, 10-18, under $13. American Optical sunglasses

Slim sensation: describes Ursula and red Lastex suit, a figure-moulding Sea Nymph by Jordan, under $11, 32-38. Beautiful background: rocks at Malibu, Kleinert striped terry stole

Sleek sophistication is Mayo mood in exciting Form Control suit by Surf Togs, with built-in Phan-Tum girdle, nylon-acetate doeskin Lastex, under $13, 32-38. Non-tarnishable gilt trim. Straw hat, Pan American Shop

Virginia is ultra-modern, in orlon gingham suit, Flexees, 32-38, under $13, with separate Lastex Fancy Pants for girdle fit. Kleinert bag, Ruby shell necklace that’s bracelet as well

Marvelous Mayo soaks up sun in cotton boned-bra sun-suit by Lovable. priced sweet as its name, under $3! Sizes 32 to 38. About $8. 32-36 A, 32-38. B cup. Glentex scarf. Claire McCardell-designed sunglasses. For her golden tan: Tartan lotion

Virginia Mayo, starring in Warners’ “South. Sea Paradise,” is heavenly in pale blue Lastex Sea Goddess by Shepherd with shirred front, 32-38, under $8. Terry cape-stole, under $5

Footprints in the sand: Virginia’s in U.S. Rubber beach shoes; matching hat

Ursula’s elfin charm echoes in enchanting Carolyn Schnurer suit with versatile leash-halter straps, in ABC leaf-print cotton,. 32-38, under $11. Frederick Mosell golden earrings



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