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Mad Fads

Mitzi Gaynor is a lady who loves shoes. “You’ll wreck our budget,” says her man, Jack Bean. Then Mitzi found these shoes at Catalano, with different leather lacings to match different dresses. “Utterly mad,” said Mr. Bean, “but practical—too!” 

Pier Angeli not only likes rings on her fingers, but one on her toe, too. Here’s a tip for the girls who don’t know what to do with odd earrings. Pier has them made into toe rings! You’ll need a wisp of a shoe for this foot fad—Pier’s are by Catalan

Barbara Darrow looks at the world through fur-trimmed glasses! A dazzling idea for girls who yearn for ermine or mink. A little glue, a couple of ermine or mink tails—and you’re in the luxury class. Barbara got her lens-look from “The 400” shop

Cyd Charisse is right out of this mad world in her fox-trimmed caracul cape, dyed a brilliant red. Just goes to show how fur fashions will go! But we must admit Mr. Teitelboum’s spectacular fur piece makes a very dramatic foil for Cyd’s dark charm!

Rosemary Clooney is a sparkle-plenty girl, with or without those eye-catching accessories. Playing up accessories to dramatize a costume is a familiar theme—but Rosie goes one better. She wears jewelry and gloves trimmed to match the gown she wears

Diana Lynn received this one in the mail from a friend. “You figure it out,” read the card. It took quite a while, but Di finally did. Now she’s creating a sensation when she steps out in what designer William J. calls the “Enchanting Bird Cage”

Shelley Winters wanted a purse with lots of room inside. Now she totes one of Hollywood’s maddest fads—a Honeymoon Cottage bag from “The 400” shop. Oh well, if she ever needs a bag with still more room, she can build an extension on this one!



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