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Love In Bloom: Exercising a woman’s privilege of changing her mind, Natalie Wood has forsaken “old” men of forty! The cause of it all: twenty-two-year-old Scott Marlowe. Nat first saw the exciting new actor on TV, then she happened to sit next to him at a preview of “Bad Seed.” Scott was with a mutual friend, who introduced them, and they’ve been together ever since. Scott, who studied at the Actors’ Studio, possesses the same electric talent as Marlon Brando, Cliff Robertson and James Dean. Hollywood had its eagle eye on Scott—but Natalie saw him first!

Dad’s Day: Here’s a switch. Stewart Granger’s and Jean Simmons’ married friends gave them not one, but two showers. The dolls presented baby clothes for the wee one expected in August, and the guys gave trees to Stew for his new yard! . . . Dan Duryea says he will never forget his twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. “Because,” grins Dan, “my son did the dishes!” . . . We love this one about Ernest Borgnine’s four-year-old daughter, Nancy. When the neighborhood children asked her famous father for his autograph, Nancy wanted to get into the act, too. So she went and asked their fathers for autographs!

Oddities: Of all people, they’re considering sweet and gentle Ann Blyth to portray the sultry, sensuous Helen Morgan, who sobbed while she sat on a piano and sang! . . . When Alan Ladd’s daughter, Carol Lee, went back to work, she took a job on the famous actor’s production staff in preference to becoming an actress. . . . Mail addressed to Bridey Murphy, c/o Audie Murphy, is actually being delivered to him! . . . While the audience wept over Debbie Reynolds at the preview of “The Catered Affair,” Deb sat in the back row of the Beverly Theatre munching a box of popcorn!

Memories Are Made Of This: Robert Wagner will never forget Spencer Tracy’s kindness and help while they were making “The Mountain.” The gold St. Bernard medal (the patron saint of mountain climbers) Spence wears on a chain around his neck was a gift from appreciative Bob. . . . Doris Day’s birthday and wedding anniversary happen to fail on the same date. On location at Carmel-by-the-Sea, shooting “Julie,” Marty Melcher gave his best girl seven presents. Six of them commemorated their happy years together. The seventh, Marty wrote on the enclosed card, he gave “just because you were born, dear Doris.”

Father Time: Russ Tamblyn and Venetia Stevenson have an amusing problem. She is still a teenager, while Russ is only twenty-one and, when they dine out on Saturday night, the waiters take one look and refuse to serve wine to this “old” married couple! . . . And seventeen-year-old Sal Mineo had an embarrassing moment when he invited a young lady out for dinner. The amazing new actor forgot his folding money, and the law prohibits him from writing a check until he is twenty-one. So Sal had to call his agent, who dashed over and “bailed” him out!

Purple Heart: Who says Grace Kelly is cold and unfeeling? Here’s an untold story that reveals her true nature. Because she had to complete her trousseau, Grace flew to New York before her wedding gown had been finished. It arrived a few days later in an uncrushable metal box. and when the Princess opened it. she burst into tears. Thoughtful M-G-M designer, Helen Rose, had taken the time to have notes of instruction translated into French. Then she pinned them on the gown so that Grace’s maids in Monaco would make no mistake when dressing her for the wedding!

Friend In Need: Shirley Jones and Barbara Ruick became fast friends when they shared an apartment in Hollywood. Then Barbara divorced Bob Horton and hit a low spell. Shirley and singer Jack Cassidy are so in love, they made Barbara fly to New York to meet all their eligible bachelor friends! . . . Jane Russell saw a heartless hit-and-run driver leave a puppy in the Street. She put the injured animal in her car and rushed it to the hospital. The vet on duty had such great screen possibilities, Jane has arranged for husband Bob Waterfield to screen-test him. And that’s how contracts are born!

Hearts And Flowers: Aldo Ray is trying to play Cupid for Tab Hunter which couldn’t be more ironic. Aldo and Jeff Donnell have separated again, but right up to the last, Aldo kept inviting Tab over for dinner. And invariably there was a nice young lady there for Tab to meet! . . . Anita Ekberg’s fiance, Anthony Steel, is protecting his interests while in Europe for a film commitment. Tony left a standing order for yellow roses with a local florist, and he also gifted his shapely sweetheart with a huge boxer dog. No fool he, Mr. Steel!

Words of Wisdom: Hollywood marriage casualties have been mounting with frightening speed, so we point with pride to the Gordon MacRaes. They were married on May 21, 194 and today, fifteen years later, still ac like newlyweds. “As far as we are concerned,” says Gordon, “there is no magic formula for a happy marriage. We try to live by a few simple rules and one in particular is very important. Like all married people, we’ve had disagreements. But we’ve made it a point to never stop speaking overnight. By starting the day peacefully, it usually ends up the same way!”

Between You and Cal: Their personal press agents report that Rita Moreno, Charlotte Austin. Anna Kashfi and Josanne Berenger all received phone calls from Marlon Brando while he was in Tokyo. No comment! . . . Elizabeth Taylor’s dieting problem took on a new twist when her “Raintree County” costumes were designed for a ten-pound loss of weight. Now lovely Liz has to recount the calories she’s already counting. . . . Wise and wary Frank Sinatra wouldn’t commit himself, but most of Hollywood believes he’ll reconcile with Ava Gardner while he’s in Spain making “The Pride and the Passion.”

Down Romance Lane: Ben Cooper’s flipped for the girl who looks like her name. She’s flower-faced Lili Gentle from Birmingham. Alabama, and she is under contract to 20th Century-Fox. Poor moonstruck Ben is beside himself: Lili’s only sixteen, so her homework comes first and dates take second place. . . . They insist it isn’t serious, but Richard Egan gifted Dorothy Malone with a gold medallion when they finished “Tension at Table Rock” . . . Gene Nelson, who would jump through hoops for Piper Laurie. is putting her horse over jumps in equestrian shows out San Fernando Valley way.

Destiny’s Daughter: Obviously, Marilyn Monroe can do no wrong; she had an entourage of helpers on the “Bus Stop” set. When director Josh Logan would suddenly throw her an unrehearsed line, it stopped her cold. Marilyn held up production when she was hospitalized with the usual bronchial infection which attacks when she works. But one fact remains: Those who have seen film clips of “Bus Stop” say she is simply great as the shopworn night-club doll. Incidentally, remember when she missed the plane to Phoenix? “I was only fifteen minutes late,” she said in all seriousness, “and they didn’t wait!”

Around The Town: She sells sea shells, which means Mitzi Gaynor’s jewelled shell earrings are being copied by every gal who sees them. . . . Pat Wayne spent his hard-earned movie money on two presents. One, a wedding present for his older sister, Toni. The other, for dad John Wayne’s fifth child and Pat’s new half-sister, who bears the odd name of Aissa! . . . Charlton “Legs” Heston, shopping in shorts, upset housewives (who loved it!) at the Farmers’ Market. . . . Jane Wyman tried on various wigs at her favorite beauty salon. Object: she wants a new hairdo “when mine grows out.” . . . Deborah Kerr’s car looked like a Tournament of Roses float, because it was beloved Debbie’s first day of shooting on I “Tea and Sympathy.”

Magic Land: Here’s another reason why we love Hollywood. Once upon a time, a struggling truck driver by the name of Roy Fitzgerald wrote to Lana Turner and asked for an autographed photograph. He got it, too. Time marched on, and so did the truck driver, who became Rock Hudson. Recently, Lana Turner re-negotiated her M-G-M contract, and her first outside picture will be made at U-I, which is Rock’s studio. Lana instantly asked for Rock as her leading man! Jennifer Jones also wants him, for the remake of “Farewell to Arms.” Then, too, Rock still plans to produce his own pictures. Too bad he isn’t twins! In spite of it all, Rock is still planning to take wife Phyllis to Europe this summer and, if U-I tries to squeeze in another picture beforehand, he insists that he’ll take a suspension from the studio.

Reflected Glory: Practically every aspiring young actress is vying for the Studio Club room which will be vacated by Kim Novak when she returns from Europe. The optimistic girls believe the beautiful blond’s stardust may brush off on them. . . . Excited Susan Hayward attended the Cannes Film Festival, as did Kim Novak, and here’s an untold story that makes her human, indeed! Susie lost the Oscar this year, but still gave a win-or-lose party and was never in better form. However, in the wee small hours, when only a few intimate friends were still around, Susie finally gave in to her disappointment and cried her eyes out!

Immortal Star: Fabulous and heartrending was the audience reaction to James Dean at a sneak preview of “Giant.” Today, even the untimely death of the great Rudolph Valentino is paled by comparison to the fervor of Dean followers. Well aware of this, the TV networks are reviving shows that were filmed before Jimmy’s star ascended. One of the many he impressed deeply is Nick Ray, director of “Rebel Without a Cause,” who is writing a book about Jimmy, in tribute to his memory. And, according to Winton Dean, Jimmy’s father, he’s received many letters offering huge sums for the horse his son loved, which is still stabled in Santa Barbara. In the face of such genuine devotion, it’s sad that some ambitious young Hollywoodites are ruthlessly exploiting their friendship that never existed with the late actor.

News, All Kinds: Good news for Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, who bought an oil well, backed a new play, and dabbled in the stock market. all are paying off! Heartwarming news for Ray Anthony and Mamie Van Doren, who finally named their newcomer Perry, “just because we like it.” . . . Heartbreaking news (for local wolves) that Jeanne Crain won’t date anyone until she’s divorced from Paul Brinkman. . . . Surprising news that “The Swan” played to half-empty houses opening day, which proves that too much of anything—even Grace Kelly—isn’t good!

Believe It Or Not: George Nader’s proud parents have never been inside a Hollywood studio. They prefer to live inconspicuously in near-by Glendale, and insist on paying at the box office to see their famous son on the screen. . . . Of all people, Audrey Hepburn has been bitten by the bongo drum bug! She tried them out at a party given by Rosalind Russell, and her off-beat rhythm fascinated the Bill Holdens, the Van Johnsons, and the Gary Coopers. . . . Hugh O’Brian, who has a terrific sense of humor, especially about himself, is penning a poignant piece! The title: “The Girls Who’ve Brushed Me Off.” Popular Hugh has dated everyone from Anita Ekberg to Zsa Zsa Gabor, so he should have quite a story to tell about the ladies!

Humorously Yours: As you undoubtedly know, Gina Lollobrigida angrily charged that Hollywood censors retouched pictures of her famous curves so much that, “My figure looks like Gary Cooper.” So some joker decided to send a fake photo to big Coop. On Gina’s beautiful body, he super-imposed Gary’s smiling face! . . . Jeff Chandler is looking for a new home with enough space around it for a swimming pool. “Just to be different,” says Jeff, “I think I’ll build it in the shape of Liberace!”

Bitter End: William Holden’s series of shots preceding his trip to Moscow and the Orient darn near killed him! For a full week, even when he went to parties, he had to eat his meals off the mantle-piece. It was very funny to everyone— but Bill. . . . Audie Murphy says it was one of the most painful moments of his life when his son Terry started nursery school. “When the bus picked up Terry and drove away,” laughs the celebrated war hero, “Pam and I just stood there in numb silence. We felt like we were losing him forever!”

It’s The Truth: That Jeffrey Hunter was the first person to congratulate Barbara Rush when his own studio signed her to a term deal. They wouldn’t mind making a picture together, but only a change of two’ hearts could effect a reconciliation. . . . That Jacques Sernas (he’s spelling it the original way again) has been dating a beautiful woman who isn’t his wife. Actually, she’s his youthful-looking mother-in-law who’s paying her first visit to Hollywood. . . . That Lana Turner received a non-exclusive deal with M-G-M because she prefers to branch out—and not because the studio has lost interest in her lack of draw at the box office.

Last Laughs: Paramount may have overlooked Pat Crowley’s talent, but Martin and Lewis didn’t. When Shirley MacLaine, who’s expecting a baby, had to be replaced in “Hollywood or Bust,” the joy boys remembered Pat’s fine trouping in “Money from Home” and so tabbed her to take Shirley’s place. Pat got the job at double the salary the studio paid her before. . . . Worried as he was because Dale Evans was hospitalized with pneumonia, Roy Rogers had to laugh. When the celebrated Western star asked to spend the night in a room adjoining Dale’s, a pixie nurse inquired: “Should we put in twin beds, just in case Trigger wants to stay, too!”


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