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    You Read It First In Vintage Paparazzi

    Bundle for Britain? Terry Moore’s been seeing a lot of London’s Laurence Harvey lately!


    Long Distance: Doris Day, who pretty much gets what she wants and deserves these days, asked the studio to give her a tall leading man for a change. She shore ’nuff got him in six-foot, four-inch Howard Keel. For their love scenes in “Calamity Jane,” Dodo has to stand on a box to kiss the handsome critter!


    Once Upon a Time: Both Marilyn Monroe and Terry Moore were under contract to Twentieth Century-Fox. That studio let them go because “they weren’t promising enough.” Today, they’re merely the brightest stars on the company payroll! . . . Cornel Wilde (then unknown) was all set to test for an M-G-M contract, when a studio executive who didn’t like him as an actor managed to have the test killed. Today, the same studio is paying Cornel a six-figure salary to appear in “Saadia,” now being shot in Morocco!

    Predictions: A great new singing career for Jeff Chandler, who’s been studying with the famous Harriett Lee. Wait till you hear his “Soliloquy” from “Carousel.” Sensational! … A polite refusal from Montgomery Clift to make a second picture with Anne Baxter. They worked well together, but there are those who insist that Monty prefers to play opposite intuitive actresses, rather than analytical ones . . . A new and even more exciting campaign for Rock Hudson! After Rock’s recent personal-appearance tour, the studio was swamped with enthusiastic letters from both fans and exhibitors. There will be no more B’s in this boy’s bonnet. No more B pictures, that is!


    According to Cal: The announcement that Virginia Mayo is embracing a new faith was a bit premature. She has evinced interest, but hasn’t (at this writing) taken a definite step . . . It’s good to see that Dewey Martin, who scored such a hit in “The Big Sky,” is at last getting a chance to prove that his fans knew what they were raving about. Keep your eye on him in his next picture, Ernest Hemingway’s great novel, “The Sun Also Rises.”

    Seen and Heard: Lana Turner and Lex Barker skiing in Sun Valley and wearing matching sweaters that each fills beautifully—but differently . . . Zsa Zsa Gabor, who hath a pretty brain too, wearing full make-up when she lunches with Kathryn Grayson in Warners’ Green Room. “Well, you never know when a cameraman will appear!” . . . It may be a can opener and then again, it may be a new atom bomb. Anyway, Rory Calhoun assures us he’s patented an invention which is top secret but terrific . . . Robert Mitchum’s in a Creative mood too. He’s designed a new cocktail table that has hollow open legs with shelves that hold glasses. For people with hollow legs, we presume . . . The Gower Champions, Susan Hayward and Jess Barker, the Gene Nelsons, Steve Cochran without a girl (that is news!) amongst those who rose and sang “Auld Lang Syne” on Sophie Tucker’s closing night at Ciro’s . . . Debbie Reynolds dimpling with ‘delight because her onetime date and good friend, Bobby Van, is working with her in M-G-M’s “Affairs of Dobie Gillis.”


    News, All Kinds: Deserving news that Jane Wyman was the first feminine star to be honored with a “stag” testimonial by the Masquers Club for her quiet charitable endeavors through the years . . . Disheartening news that John Agar received another jail sentence for violating his drunk-driving probation of 1951. It was one of those things that could happen to anyone, but unfortunately, John, who’s been a model of perfection, had two strikes against him . . . Disappointing news that Viveca Lindfors and her director husband, Don Siegel, two talented people, couldn’t keep busy enough in Hollywood, which resulted in a long-distance separation that will now be permanent. . .

    Exciting news that the Ty Powers are expecting a second baby and not contemplating a separation, as rumored . . . And equally exciting—that Esther Williams and Ben Gage have announced that they’re expecting a third child—due in September . . . Good news for Hollywood that Jerry Lewis didn’t have that knee operation following his motor-scooter accident and hysterically-happy news for the nurses that the famous comedian was dismissed by the hospital with instructions to be sure to take his water pistol with him.


    Hollywood is Shocked By: Those “inside” stories making the rounds of a famous singing star’s relationship with her mother, who died recently . . . An unqualified rumor that a top dramatic star is remaining in Europe until she completely recovers from plastic surgery that backfired . . . The prediction by an internationally known astrologer that one of the town’s top glamour girls would be the victim of death by her own hand—before the end of the year 1953.


    Just for Laughs: At the breakfast table the morning after Humphrey Bogart won an Oscar, he kiddingly cracked to İtiş young son, “From now on please refer to me as Mister Bogart.” Since then little Stephen calls his daddy—Mister! . . . Uncle Milty said it: “If brides are all so beautiful— then where do we get all those ugly wives?” . . . The night Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz became the proud parents of Desiderio Alberto Arnaz, the 4th, Red Skelton sent this message: “There’s a rumor going around that you had a baby. Why wasn’t it publicized?”


    Boy Meets Girl: Early in the month it was Terry Moore and Britisher Laurence Harvey. Then it was Terry Moore and Hugh O’Brian proving that it takes two to tango—with no music yet! Flash, Terry Moore dating and dancing at Ciro’s with golfer Al Besselink! Wheew! . . . There’s a new Richard in Mitzi Gaynor’s life (the last one was Coyle) and his name is Richard Allan. Although he made love to Marilyn Monroe in “Niagara,” Ava Gardner in “Snows of Kilimanjaro,” off-screen he likes Mitzi’s brand best . . . Remember a few months back when Cal printed that Robert Wagner hoped someone would give him Lori Nelson’s telephone number? Well, a kind pal read it here and Bob celebrated his first date with Lori by taking her to photoplay’s Gold Medal Award party . . . Alexis Smith just looks skeptical when asked about a possible reconciliation with handsome Craig Stevens, who beams with optimism when the same question is put to him. In the meantime, they live under the same roof when he is in town and devoted friends wish their friendship would ripen into love again.

    Credit Department: Peggy Lee did not get the role that Doris Day wanted in “The Jazz Singer.” Director Mike Curtiz who discovered Doris for pictures, offered it to her first and was hurt when she turned it down . . . Ava Gardner did not blow her beautiful top when Frank Sinatra signed to play the stockaded GI in “From Here to Eternity.” Ava insisted that he test for it . . . Ursula Thiess did not give Robert Taylor his walking papers when he dinner-dated Barbara Stanwyck the night before she left for Mexico to make “Blowing Wild.” The truth is, Ursula encouraged it and she’s devoted to Bob!


    In the Works: “Split Second” now filmming at RKO studios, will open up a new career for Dick Powell as director, something he has long wanted. Under Dick’s direction, co-stars Jan Sterling, Alexis Smith and Keith Andes are turning in remarkably fine performances.

    For Arts Sake: No one was allowed to wear make-up in “Fame and Fortune” and Spencer Tracy especially was a bit uneasy! . . . Don’t you love this? Vincent Price was ordered to eat his lunch in his dressing room, because his make-up for “House of Wax” is so hideous—he took away the appetites of visitors in the studio commissary! . . . Inserting contact lenses to make Keefe Brasselle’s eyes look dark for “Eddie Cantor” is such delicate business, they post a guard outside his dressing room door during the operation, to prevent anyone from knocking. . . . Even the wizardry of top cameramen couldn’t disguise Elizabeth Taylor’s added weight which she acquired during pregnancy. Ann Blyth replaces her in “All the Brothers Were Valiant” but lovely Liz will be her old sylph-like self in plenty of time to start shooting “Rhapsody.”


    Unconfirmed Rumors: That Lex Barker will follow Lana Turner to Europe—object, marriage . . . That Marilyn Monroe is five years older than her publicized age . . . That Rosemary Clooney is secretly married to Jose Ferrer—she couldn’t be because he isn’t legally free yet . . . That Dale Robertson hasn’t found happiness in the spotlight of a Hollywood career and threatens to retire to his ranch in Oklahoma . . . That the Kirk Douglas-Pier Angeli romance was all publicity and never serious . . . That Van Johnson is taking instruction in another religion . . . That the box-office draw of Danny Thomas is disappointing his studio . . . That Leslie Caron is so stork-minded, she baby sits with Jane Powell’s newest addition—in the hopes it will change her luck! . . . That Piper Laurie is threatening to sue because a publication referred to her as an “unnatural” redhead.

    Our Town: There wasn’t a cheering section the day Mark Stevens left Hollywood for New York and the stage production of “Mid-Summer.” In fact, he hadn’t been offered a worthy acting job in months. All it took was a great performance and Walter Winchell’s Sunday night eulogy over the networks. Amongst other studios, Twentieth (who let him go! ) is now trying to sign Mark to an exclusive contract.

    A Foreign Affair: Not that we’re surprised, but the Alan Ladds made such a bit with the staff of the Excelsior Hotel in Rome, they all chipped in and bought the Ladds a farewell present. . . . The Ray Millands write from Villars, Switzerland: “We ride around this quaint village in a horse-drawn, bright red sleigh, under a huge fur lap robe. It’s just like in the movies!” . . . Here are two first-hand reports, take your pick: Spy number one, who saw Gene Tienrey with Aly Khan in Paris, says she never looked so radiantly happy. Spy number two reports that Gene has never looked more bored!

    Truth And Consequences: Like Ann Sheridan, everyone who knew the genial, warmhearted Steve Hannagan loved the big time publicity man. His sudden death in Africa on a business trip, was a great shock to Ann—who wasn’t exactly comforted by the false reporting. They were devoted for years, but the main barrier between them was distance—and not religion. Ann wasn’t changing hers and Steve was ready to marry her every time he flew out to Hollywood. Marriage meant giving up her career and settling down to a life of domesticity in New York. Ann just wasn’t ready. and they both knew it.

    Famous First Words: From Thelma Ritter, who flew out from New York to broadcast the winning “With a Song in My Heart” for Lux Theatre, followed by photoplay’s Gold Medal shindig: “I was disappointed in the dinner—it was so good! What happened to the usual creamed chicken in a patty shell!”

    Dis-a and Data: John Wayne‘s second oldest son is now working part time in the studio fan-mail department. . . . The Rory Calhouns threw a twenty-third birthday party for Robert Wagner and invited twenty-three people including Debbie Reynolds. . . . In “The Marines Have a Word for It,” Burt Lancaster goes “feminine” for the third time in his career. He wears a French negligee! . . . Like Bette Davis, now it’s Debra Paget who’s rented an old-fashioned house on Hollywood Boulevard, the not-so-chic part of town. . . . Ruth Roman sprays platinum powder in her hair, which glistens in the sun when she’s on the tennis court. . . . Aldo Ray works out with his brother. Mario, who is a member of the U.C.L.A. football team. . . . In Hollywood they refer to Donald O’Connor, thus: “He has the kind of talent you can’t kill with a spiked club!” True, so very true.


    Welcome Stranger: With his humorous perspective, there’s a welcome place for Richard Burton in Hollywood. No sooner was he seen in “My Cousin Rachael” and announced for “The Robe,” than a local columnist cracked that his hat no longer fit. “When I read it,” cracked the amusing guy, “my wife, Sybil, measured my head. By jove, the columnist was right! My head had grown an eighth of an inch.”


    It is a quote. PHOTOPLAY MAGAZINE MAY 1953

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