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    Thrifty, Nifty—Nice

    When Martha Hyer won the lead opposite Rock Hudson in “Battle Hymn” she let out a whoop of joy that could be heard the length of the Universal-International lot. “This must mean the triangle bit is over for me at last,” she said. And actually, while...

    Shapes Ahoy

    Men who venture out to the beach this year will be swimming in dangerous waters—if they don't want to find themselves deep in a romance! Because today's mermaids, judging by this crop of Hollywood sea sirens, are practically irresistible. A warning for the girls, though....

    Go Out To A Movie

      With a hesitant wave, Jimmy sets out to attempt a feat that no lone human has ever done before   The Spirit of St. Louis (WARNERS; CINEMA-SCOPE, WARNERCOLOR) Here is one of the rare tales of high adventure that accents personality over physical action. Casting James Stewart as...