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A house on a hillside is Rock’s idea of heaven, where he pumps his beloved player piano, relaxes happily in blue jeans and entertains his crowd. He’s moved ahead too, as ah actor. In “Magnificent Obsession,” co-star Jane Wyman was impressed with Big Rock’s acting


While romantic rumors, talk of divorce, fly around Greg’s handsome head, his career is undisturbed. A top box-office attraction, Greg’s besieged by picture offers both here and abroad. He’s in “Night People”


She turned down a teacher’s degree to become an actress. And goes to the head of her class as Hollywood’s leading mystery woman. Her off-screen life remains private. Jean’s just completed “We Believe in Love”

KIRK DOUGLAS hadn’t seen his boys for nearly a year when he flew in from Europe to spend the holidays with them. Mike, the athletic one, had to show him a new set of muscles. So did little “me too!” Joel. When the wonderful visit was over, Dad returned to Rome to finish making film, “Ulysses,” crammed with memories—and hot dogs!

JEFF CHANDLER is a devoted father and he worries about what a divorce in the family would do to Jamie, a serious, warmly affectionate child, and happy-go-lucky Dana. And though, since his separation, Jeff’s name’s been linked with many leading glamour girls, his heart and his spare time from making “Yankee Pasha” belong to his girls

ALAN LADD wouldn’t think of going anywhere without his family. When he and Sue went to Europe, son David and daughter Alana, above, went too. And collected six dogs during their trek abroad! When Alan’s studio sent him to Spain for “Black Knight” scenes, the kids started packing. Where one Ladd goes, the rest are sure to follow

GENE NELSON lost his head and heart temporarily, but deep down he worried about son Chris, especially dear to him because the Nelsons lost their first baby. His romance with Jane Powell over, Gene finished “Crime Wave” and headed East to try for a reconciliation with his wife, Miriam, and to spend time with his “spittin’ image” son


Her nose bothers her—but not the men. They think it’s cute. Hollywood’s new, exciting young star is pursued by two men in her next picture, “Sabrina Fair”—Bill Holden and Bogey. Guess who gets her!


Girls who think elopements are romantic won’t get him—he likes church weddings. But right now he’s concentrating on his career, taking acting and diction lessons. Tab’s latest is “Return from Treasure Island”


Now we know the secret of that gorgeous figure—exercise! But not too early—Jane’s a sleepyhead. The dynamic Jane decorates the screen in “The French Line.” This brunette’s definitely on the preferred list.



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