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That’s Hollywood For You

I believe Natalie Wood is good for Bob Wagner and vice versa . . . More actors than actresses try to hide the fact that they wear glasses . . . Why do I usually play a Frank Sinatra album after looking at one of his filmed TV shows? . . . In the history of the movies, there never has been a braver hero than Errol Flynn, a tougher gangster than James Cagney, nor a better chorine type than Betty Grable . . . “I’m a girl who grew her own figure,” Sophia Loren told me. And she’s got her figure to prove there’s nothing false about it . . . I wonder if Marlon Brando now rehearses his roles at home with Anna Kashfi reading the lines of the heroine . . .

Tommy Sands’ singing is a combination of Elvis Presley’s rock ’n’ roll and Julie London’s breathlessness . . . Jeff Chandler makes no secret of the fact that he didn’t enjoy his love scenes with Kim Novak . . . While Audrey Hepburn has said, “If you are going to portray love, you have to feel it. But you don’t have to carry it beyond the set.” . . . June Allyson never fights for top billing. She merely asks that the billing be alphabetical!

Your friend and mine, Mike Curtiz, discussing a new actor, said. “He’ll go far and nobody will miss him.” . . . Of all the foreign stars who make movies in Hollywood, I’d say Anna Magnani retains most of the original flavor . . . When people want to praise Kirk Douglas, why do they say, “He’s so good in this part that you wouldn’t think it was Kirk Douglas”? . . . Hugh O’Brian—alias Wyatt Earp—is really Hugh J. Krampe . . . When Liz Taylor opens her handbag, I wonder if it still resembles a gypsy camp . . . Tom Jenk’s description of Marilyn Monroe in an evening gown? “She’s a perfect picture of formal informality.”

I’d bet John Wayne’s acting career could be ruined by acting lessons . . . Carroll Baker has moved into the same apartment building as her acting teacher, Lee Strasberg . . . Actor-Producer-Director Jose Ferrer is one of the most versatile talents of stage and screen. Yet one afternoon, as Jose was leaving M-G-M, I heard one teenager shout to another teenager, “Look, here comes the guy who’s married to Rosemary Clooney.”

The more popcorn, the worse the movie . . . In the history of the movies, there never was a finer cowboy than William S. Hart, a finer light comedian than Cary Grant, and a team of lovers in the same league with Garbo-Gilbert . . . I wish they’d let Shirley MacLaine dance in a movie and display her shapely legs . . . I don’t understand why they call certain actors troupers when there’s no more trouping in show business.

Tony Curtis tries to shed his inhibitions; keeps no secrets. If you want to know something about Tony, all you have to do is ask him . . . I’ll give odds that Doris Day wakes up grinning, whether she’s aware of it or not Ava Gardner wakes up slowly; in fact, isn’t awake until she’s had her cup of coffee . . . One of the cast of characters at Schwab’s approached John Carradine and said, “I know this isn’t complimentary, but you resemble John Carradine. However, if you are, may I have your autograph?”

Mamie Van Doren doesn’t publicize it, but like the other blondes (Jayne, Marilyn, Sheree), she, too, had an early marriage. At the age of sixteen, Mamie was married to a young Los Angeles shirt manufacturer. The marriage lasted only ninety days . . . I want to applaud Monty Clift for his fight scene in “The Young Lions.” Clift gave and took all the punches and refused to use a double. Tougher fellows than he wouldn’t accept the punches he did . . . George Sanders talking about a certain actress: “She is one of the most charming women I wish I had never met.”

I like the new Mitzi Gaynor, who no longer wears chandelier earrings, frilly clothes, and is always “on . . . Because she worries about anything and everything, Kim Novak has won the title of “The Happy Worrier.” . . . Joanne Woodward told me: “I’m not sure, but I think I smile a lot in my sleep.” . . . In the history of the movies, there never was a more popular lover than Rudolph Valentino, and no actor ever reigned longer than Clark Gable, and no actress was ever given a better title than Clara Bow’s the “It Girl.” . . . If Bob Mitchum ever played a role with his eyes wide open, he’d win an Oscar. . . . It’s an old movie if the hero is wearing a double-breasted suit.

Actresses who make buddies of their hairdressers are lonely . . . I wish Judy Holliday would get back to Hollywood very fast . . . If anyone tells you that you have to be beautiful to be a movie star, mention Leslie Caron . . . I know Janet Leigh has made many movies, but I’m still waiting for her to be discovered. Janet can’t resist cashmere sweaters. They fill her with joy and she returns the compliment . . . Ask an actress her age, and nine times out of ten she’ll guess wrong . . . Did you know Rock Hudson’s a Lana Turner fan? That’s Hollywood for You!



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